Heidi Timms

I'm a soul-lead mama and my hope is to empower you to unlock your fullest potential through conscious, soul lead online business

I'm a Mother to 3 starseeds on a spiritual path. Ever since I can remember I have touched other dimensions being clairscentient, clairvoyant and a medium. It took me a large chunk of my life to be comfortable with my gifts.

I've stepped away from the traditional "trading time for money" business to travel around the world with my kids, running my online businesses

Living my dream life by travelling, branding myself online & sharing my gifts to guild & support other like-vibed women to bring their dreams life to reality.

So if you hear this and feel a soul nudge with my words and would like to learn how you to can create the life you have dreamed of?

The Freedom Era Online Business

Set Yourself Free

The Freedom Era is the best way to:

✔ Be supported and mentored by a high vibe community.

✔ Learn more about yourself and how to better yourself with 80% inner work.

✔ Learn how to market and brand yourself online.

✔ Make a high profit income with ease and flow.

✔ Free up your life and focus more on the things you love to do.

✔ Spend more time with your kids, family and friends having fun.

✔ Work from anywhere in the world.

✔ Help others to better their lives.

✔ No more selling tactics or hassling for people to buy products or attend workshops.

Live your dreams  —

Create your most epic soulful free life & help others do the same

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