about me

hi! i’m helena!

as 20 year old living in nyc, i thought it would be great to share all of my favorite things like cafes, food, products etc.! as i continue my journey as a sophomore at pace university, i will be uploading all my new adventures and finds! I am a vegetarian exploring an all plant based diet excluding gluten and dairy. i am passionate about organic & local foods, painting, fleetwood mac and all natural products (i’m obsessed with essential oils these days).

my favorite coffee shops so far!

i’ve been to MANY coffee shops and cafes the past year but i am very picky when it comes to coffee. these are my favs so far and i’m hoping that i find more i like!!

blue bottle

located at 150 Greenwich st New York, New York. blue bottle was my first discovery. in october 2018 a few friends and i needed a new place to go and we decided to try it out. it is now my top choice. my mom even sends me gift cards around finals season :) blue bottle has such a variety of different iced coffees and different types of milk (i do not do cow’s milk) as well as the typical lattes and cappuccinos. i don’t typically like hot coffee but i do love their almond milk lattes. for iced coffee i usually get the new orleans with oat milk (oat milk is free surprisingly!) the atmosphere can vary a little. sometimes it’s veryyyyy crowded and other times there’s just a few people there. i do a lot of my studying and homework there, although they don’t have wifi which would be my only complaint. the workers are amazing and so sweet. and the food is beyond great. a little pricey but worth it. my favorites are the avo toast and the almond butter toast with blueberry jam. definitely a must to stop by!

birch coffee

located at 8 Spruce st, New York, New York. this place is perfect for Pace students since it is right across from the main building. the atmosphere is very low key. dark wood, low lighting and never many people. the only 2 downsides are: no almond milk and no wifi. they do have hemp, oat and soy milk. a MAJOR perk is that they have sip lids for their iced drinks so no straws! i have not tried any food from birch but it looks very good. it’s great for quiet studying in between classes.