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Mini introduction about this Latina angel. ✨

Hey there, my name is Helena Sicairos. 😇

If you are new here Welcome!! If you’ve been following me, thank you for your support loves. I am excited to have you all here!! I am a self employed free lance artist, which I enjoy very much!! Trying everyday to be the Best version of myself. Living my life doing everything I dreamed of.

Being a network marketer has been life changing in so many positive ways! Having the control in my hands has been such an experience. This has definitely helped me grow and become more organized in my personal and work life. Working with this company is truly a big step in becoming more successful in Life.

With a genuine heart and passion you can get anywhere you want to be.


More in Detail:

The Abyssinian oil in our products penetrates the cortex of your hair and heals it from the inside out. Reversing your hair and scalp to it's healthiest state, gives 88% more manageability, and cuts your drying time in half. Helps color last 3x as long, allowing color to actually penetrate all layers of your hair and removing the build up and waxes on your hair shaft from the damaging products throughout the years.

Our products are:
*Anti Aging
*Naturally based
*Cruelty free
*Sulfate free
*Paraben free
*Phthalates free
*Works from the root
*Lasts 5-6 months

Our products do not contain harsh salt systems, harmful colors or harmful fragrances.

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The real Deal.

Your new favorite luxury skincare!!

This skin care offers a complete solution for radiantly beautiful skin at any age.

Harnessing the natural power of botanical oils,
nutrient-rich exotic fruits, plant based stem cells and a rejuvenating peptide! Modern Nature offers the most advanced approach to anti-aging skin care available today.

Clinically tested and approved by dermatologists & ophthalmologists, our skin care products are naturally based, vegan, cruelty free, paraben/sulfate free, flammable free..the list goes on! So not only can you enjoy the confidence in your skin but, also in the knowledge that you’re using safely developed products.

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- One time $19.99 fee
- 15% OFF all products
- Access to flash sales
- Free shipping on all qualifying orders
- Referral program
- Birthday gift

What are flash sales?
- they vary and are exclusively for VIPS + market partners

- 2 rejuvenique oils for $60 - retails for $100 each
- 3 products for $20

Deals we all absolutely deserve and then some because hair care just like skin care is incredibly important!

What is refer a friend?
- anyone you send my way will get you both $20 in credit on our website!


The Magic to my Lengthy Hair.

This are the different products used. I’ve had lengthy hair my whole life! These products have helped my hair sooo muchh to keep it just right! My hair went from dry and very nappy to more define and soft!! Especially, the ends to my hair, the change is so drastic. It used to be so knotted hair at the ends and now my fingers run right thru. My hair is naturally frizzy with waves but since using these products my hair now is more controlled and the waves have curled more. These products have given my hair so much LIFE!


This is the ONLY shampoo I use. It leaves my hair so soft and shine. When washing my hair I make sure to leave it in for 2-3 minutes to make sure it’s really getting into my hair.

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This is also the ONLY conditioner I use. This leaves my hair amazinggg, as you wash you feel your hair so rich!! I leave this product in for 2-3 minutes as well. This conditioner leaves my curls looking more define and my fingers comb right thru my hair!

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This oil here is a Healer. This is my absolute FAVORITE. This product is for both hair and skin!! My hair is very frizzy and puffy, this oil takes total control of my hair leaving it hydrated and flawless!! This oil is a must after washing my hair. I apply to my hair and scalp. I use this product everyday on my face too. If you have scars this oil helps heal anything on the body!

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Having super long hair can make my ends feel dry. This product here has helped my ends SO MUCH!! I apply this to my ends after my hair is washed! It’s leave my ends SOFT!! Especially, because I like to style my hair at random times, this keeps my hair healthy!

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This product is a must! Washing my hair everyday makes it feel dry. This is why the leave- in conditioner is my Go-to. It’s still controlling, detangling and strengthening my hair! The Leave-in conditioner is also infused with the Rejuvenique Oil so it’s going to hydrate and heal your hair. It will restore essential nutrients to your scalp and help your hair GROW!

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Let’s come Together ?

Ready to be Mentored?

What’s up beautiful people! Let’s come together and put you onto a New Journey!!💖 This is a remarkable moment for life changing opportunity.

I love being apart of the Monat company! I am able put my experience out there for people to see, many may find it relatable or maybe know someone who is! Being able to reaching out to people by helping them finding what’s best for their hair and skin. Also, giving others the opportunity for a source of income. It makes me proud to help others.

Why work for others people, who don’t care for you and take up all your time?
Network marketing is growing faster than ever. It’s only going up from here. The time for change is NOW! We all deserve better! And better is Monat! You are your own boss, on your own time, making your own income. Why not get Mentored into the Right direction! 🤩

Make that dream reality, It’s Easy just Get to It!!


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