Hi! It's me Helen Grace!

I help Christian Women Entrepreneurs like you to accelerate your business while having more time for your family and ministry through effective social media management and digital marketing.


About me -

Welcome to His Grace Digital Solution!

I created this digital solution by God's grace and guidance. Because Bible says in (Philippians 4:13) I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. And it also says that in (Jeremiah 29:11) that For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

That's why I'm so excited and happy to serve you Christian Women Entrepreneurs in your journey to your business while still walking in Christ Jesus by giving you extra time in your faith through effective social media management and giving you the confidence to exhibit your business through astounding branding design.

I am Christian Women Entrepreneur who minister my family first.

I am happily married with one son and one daughter in their teenage year now.

I do have, not full time job and I decided to have my own business through freelancing to fulfill my calling.

My mission was to become a channel of blessings to the needy and to help Christian Women Entrepreneurs like me to still continue doing their business while doing their own mission.

I'm looking forward to connect with you!

God bless,
Helen Grace


Offers for Solution!

His Grace Digital Solution offers logo, branding, and social media management.

His Grace Digital Solution wants to help you to boost your confidence to accelerate your businesses through astounding logo, brand design and social media management.

If you are still in the situation which you are not confident enough to exhibit your business and still in the process of thinking where you should start and how you can express your brand in this era where every advertising is a noise, you should do something astounding in your branding.

Below was the sample of my solutions. You can click the link for more reference.

My clients says -

Sheila May Mirabeles | Online Seller Mom

Helen G. Borbe 🥰 Allow me to express our gratitude for having you as our multimedia Manager. I am glad to announce that you are performing very well.👍👏 Your hard work and devotion 💖 have brought progress not only to our Fb page but also to our Shopee shop. I hope we continuesly progressing it to maintain a better place in business world Yahoo!!👏👏

Of course I admire your capabilities and your exceptional performance.🎉🍾 THUMBS UP👍 to you for becoming certified multimedia Manager.👏 Keep up the good work 😘😘😘🥰
Let me show some of your hark work...💕

Xam Aninipoc | Freelance Online Seller

Helen G. Borbe
Social Media Management

*Very resourceful and keen on details
*Posting in relevant groups improve post reach.
*Very eager to learn new stuff
*Great recommendations for the action plan
*Studied insight based on page followers.

Firefly Crafts cebu

Random Samples -

My beginners journey samples.

I would like to show my random beginners journey samples because for me it is worth to treasure, also to humbly express my real me of how I start my learning, it maybe not so good for now, but in the grace of God I know I can do more than enough for anyone who need my own creation and bring them solutions.

If you like or if there's something you want to suggest in my samples, I would be very happy to hear it!🤗

Thank you! And may God bless us!💖