Hellen Daniel

Your Virtual Assistant

Hi everyone , I am Hellen Daniel. Your new Business BFF, Goals Guru and your personal Virtual Assistant for creatives and photographers.

Thank you for taking the leap of faith by clicking on my website to get to know me as well as my services a little better.

I grew up in Germany, where I am currently living. The past 4 years, I lived in Orlando, Florida. I was one of the “super lucky” Au-Pairs, who hit the jackpot by finding the most lovable and genius Host-family. After one year of living as an Au-Pair and taking care of the sweetest girls, my host-family and I decided that we can not, yet separate our paths. Hence, I started as an international student and pursued my Bachelor Degree. Living abroad and traveling through the many states showed me that I am not

- Made to work a 9-5 job
- Being forced to stay at a certain area
- Not being able to schedule my own time
And most importantly, not being able to put my heart into helping business owners pursued their own Goals!

Helping them free up their time, to give them the ability to refill their strengths and energies and being able to make some time for their loved ones.

Having me, as your Virtual Assistant, will allow you to outsource your task which are time-consuming. Additionally, having a VA, will allow you to brainstorm together, which will lead you to have more ideas or improve areas, which you did not notice yet.

If you are overwhelmed or just need some extra hours of free-time, then click on the link below, to book a free discovery call, and let us acknowledge together, which paint points can be relieved by incoperating my services.

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Let’s go bigger & harder then ever before 💫

- Administrative Task
- Client Communication
- Content Planning/ Creating & Scheudling
- Instagram Management
- Pinterest Management