Lisa Leuschner Andersen

Lil Baby

Some people were just born to make music. Lisa Leuschner Andersen is of this rare and beautiful breed. 
 She did her first professional paying gig as a featured singer for the Robin Anderson Big Band when she was only seven years old.
 Even at this early age she had been at it for a while. Legend has it that she was heard (and felt) drumming and kicking along with “Two Tickets To Paradise” while still in her mother’s womb.

 After a stint as a child model, appearing on the “Twister” game box, Lisa made her presence known nationally as a singer, on a couple of high profile TV shows, “American Idol” and “Showtime at the Apollo”. She fared very well on both shows, and signed a 2 record deal with Succession Records, resulting in the CD albums “Sing Me Home” and “Reality”.  

Lisa got married to Blues music mogul and superstar Kid Andersen, and together they built up the empire known as “Greaseland”, a musical wonderland that attracts musicians from all over the globe.

  As the Queen of Greaseland, Lisa has been involved in and performed on over 50 album released in the last 10 years, including Grammy award winners and Blues Music Award winners. 

With her many musical endeavors, Lisa has toured and performed in India, Japan, Russia, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, England, Finland, Turkey and Milpitas amongst countless other places.

Some of these endeavors include San Francisco’s hugely popular “Foreverland”, Denver’s “House Of Soul” (also “At The Table with Dr. King”, a multimedia show about Martin Luther King Jr. that has toured the world) as well as different collaborations with her husband, Kid. 

With her upcoming release with Kid on Gulf Coast Records, Lisa is destined for even greater success. 
 Lisa is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime artist that can make you feel a song so strongly that it will rock your emotional core. She has honed her skills, no doubt, but the raw talent she possesses is something that can only come from a higher source, and this you’ll know the second you hear her sing. 
 And that’s no bull%#*^.

“Finally! Somebody who can SING!” - Randy Jackson
“You have outdone me!” - Chaka Khan
“Lisa is an incredible singer” - Elvin Bishop
"That redhead is the best!" Henry Winkler - AKA The Fonz
“Lisa is hands down my favorite singer.” - Jerry Jemmott, bassist for Aretha Franklin,

I think we both can agree that you’ll never be the same

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