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Give a girl the right mascara and she can conquer the world!

Hi! I'm Lacey Rose, yes like the flower and, yes its my real name! I'm a super hero, but my kids call me mom! I'm happily married to my prince charming! I'm 30 years old and I work for a company called Farmasi specializing in cosmetics, wellness, home cleaning products, fragrances and much more! I didnt know what FARMASI was when signing up, not gonna lie. What hooked me in was my friend telling me she made over $500 in her 1st month sitting home selling makeup!! I thought I love makeup, maybe i wont make quite as much but extra cash is extra cash! And for only $20 I became a beauty consultant and got down to buisness! Luckily I have a large female family and friend ratio in my life so it wasn't hard to have them give it a try and I put in my first order! "I love your makeup " "my skin is flawless" "I need to order more" and the orders came. Once they give it a shot they will be hooked, these formulas are to die for! So many happy customers and then I tried it and ill never look back. Farmasi is the fastest rising multi level marketing company around and the highest payout in commission at 50% all products 50% off and bonuses on sales. My first month came and went and I was right I didn't make $500 I made over $650 in my first month. This company is the real deal!