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Colleet GLOW-LT+ Brightening Moisturizing Rejuvenating

A beauty supplement that combines *brightening, moisturizing and rejuvenating*
🌸3 efficacy in 1 sachet for your daily consumption🌸

With Glow-Lt+ premium and patented ingredients, you may/will experience and see the differences :

● Lightens & brightens skin tone
● Even-out skin complexion
● Reveals radiance
● Lighten pigmentations, age-spots & scars
● Reduce acne and blemishes
● Boost skin’s moisture level
● Fight free radical
● Shield against UVA and UVB
● Reduce breakdown of collagen and elastin
● Increase collagen production to maintain skin elasticity

And... it also

● Boosts immune system
● Prevents hangover
● Relieves eczema, rosacea & rashes
● Prevent fatty liver
● Serves as an oral sunscreen

⭐We highly recommend for 1st timers to take *1 sachet before the first meal of the day and 1 sachet before bedtime* for the first 1-3 boxes.

⭐After you achieve results you want.. it would be maintenance! You only need 1 sachet a day, best before your 1st meal.

If all these is followed through, I believe you may see results even before 21 days! 💪

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Everyone deserves a confident smile 🌟

Whiten teeth efficiently
Low cost
Professionally developed
No soreness to teeth

💯 Improves confidence
💯 Protects oral health
💯 Boosts charisma


Camura Hand Sanitiser

On the go convenient pouch hand sanitiser.
Non sticky formula
Added pure aloe Vera extract and glycerin for hydrating and moisture.
Fine mist spray
100% Essential oil
Skin friendly

Comes in few scents selection :

1) Rose Geranium : floral scent and relaxing

2) Lavender Mint : floral scent and relaxing

3) Aroma and bergamot : citrus mix floral scent

4) Bergamot : citrus mix floral scent

5) Fresh Mint : refreshing scent

6) Eucalyptus : refreshing scent

7) Peppermint - refreshing scent


Sugar Bear Hair

1. Bestselling hair vitamin online since 2016.*

2. SugarBearHair is the world’s first gummy vegan hair multivitamin.

3. SugarBearHair tastes like a sweet delicious candy, made with the juice of real berries.   

4. SugarBearHair contains Biotin, B12 and other clinically proven ingredients to support hair growth. 

5. SugarBearHair has:
 As much vitamin A as 4 cups of broccoli.
 As much vitamin C as 1 cup of cranberries.
 As much vitamin B12 as 4 organic eggs.

6. SugarBearHair gummies are gelatin-free! These amazing vitamins are made with pectin, which comes from fruit to create the soft chewy consistency of our vitamins.

7. SugarBearHair vitamins are wheat free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, beef free, pork free, egg free, fish free and peanut free! Made in an allergen-free facility.

8. Made in the USA in FDA inspected and approved facilities.  

9. Independently lab tested with high rating in safety and vitamin quality.   

10. The majority of our customers found their nails and skin quality improved over time while taking SugarBearHair.    

11. SugarBearHair has half the sugar content of comparable chewable vitamins.   

12. For both men and women! For all hair types, that means you!

13. As seen in Marie Claire, E! Online, Elite Daily, The Today Show and more