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I get a lot of questions asking where all of my shelves are from so I hope this helps!

Rustic Wood Bookcase

This is the shelf I use for my Book of the Month book collection!

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Billy Bookcase - Small

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Billy Bookcase - Large

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Shelf with Drawers

This is the shelf with drawers that holds all of my paperbacks! You have to buy the brackets separately which I linked below.

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Black Bracket

This isn’t the exact bracket I have, but it’s really close! I use two of these to hold up the shelf with drawers.

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Black Glass Shelf

This is the shelf I use that holds all of my graphic novels! The frame is wrought iron with glass shelves. The top and bottom shelf is wooden.

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LED Lightbulb

This is the bulb I have hanging in the corner above my shelves. It has 3 separate pieces to it - the bulb, cord, and the shade that goes around it. I’ve linked them all for you!

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Pendant Lamp Shade

This is the lamp shade that’s around the led pendant light I have hanging in the corner above the shelves!

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Pendant Light Cord

This isn’t the exact cord I have (I bought mine years ago) but this one is pretty close! I actually wish mine had a switch on it like this one!

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I have two of these desks for my computer setups that I arrange in an L shape!

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Cable Management

I have two of these installed under both of my desks. They keep all of the computer cords organized so you don’t see any hanging down!

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Office Chair

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Work Bag

I’m obsessed with this back pack! When I used to travel downtown to work in the office, I brought this with me every day. It’s perfect for traveling and easily holds my laptop, iPad, and (something I recently found out) can hold about 10 books! 🤪

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Book Light

I’m obsessed with this book light! It’s rechargeable and had multiple different brightness settings with 3 different color temperatures. It’s perfect and comes in white or black 😊

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About Me

Tech all day, books all night

Hey, I’m Jo. By day, I work as a developer at an award winning advertising agency so I’m pretty much a glorified computer nerd. But as much as I love the world of tech, there’s just something about the feel of a tangible book and getting lost in a story that’s slowly becoming more and more of an obsession.

I’m originally from St. Louis, Missouri but I now live in Austin, Texas with my sweet Canadian boyfriend who I’m constantly trying to convince to get a dog (and more bookshelves). 🤪