Hiya , I’m Jhanada Johnson

Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Change , You Got This

When I was 18 I found out I was pregnant with my baby girl. I was working at a retail store and as my I was going up in my pregnancy I was so sick that I was missing lots of days so as you know I wasn’t making enough to save and buy the baby what she needs. On top of that I had car insurance and car payment to pay and I didn’t want to ask for help. Then I found out in early November I had a really early pregnancy at 27 weeks. It scared me when I had to go back to work and go to the NICU after because all I could worry about is my child by herself. I worked as much as I could before I put my two weeks in to have enough saved. I put my two weeks in when they told me her released date and was grateful enough to have the money I had and received.

However I was grateful to get her everything she needed and be the mom I am . But as I’m in the house and feeling like it’s time to look for a job so I can be on track still and not slack. I really wanted to stay home because I didn’t feel like it was the right time to go back out to work so I applied to multiple online jobs.

I was going across social media and I’ve seen a couple moms in business that were making good income. Of course I’m was scared to try but you never know what can come out of it so I gave it a try. Honestly I’m already achieving half in just days being mentored and now I’m growing with the wonderful business I’m in now. Don’t always be afraid to try something new and have great opportunity to achieve.