Road to Self Love

Welcome to Hello It’s Self Love with Sam Tran!

I am creating this blog for myself, but I also wanted to share this with others to hopefully inspire you to start your journey, whatever it may be. Not only will this blog consist of my self love journey, it will include my thoughts and experiences throughout this crazy part of my life called junior year! I’m ready to conquer my twenties and I hope you’re ready for this rollercoaster!

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Hello It’s Self Love

Chapter 1: Wake Up Call

I had a wake up call one day and realized that I needed to focus on myself. I have been too caught up in caring about what other people think of me. It’s something that I have always done and it is going to be a hard habit to break, but I can do it. I have already seen changes in myself that I could only dream of.

A big part of the start of this journey to self love was recognizing my worth. The friends that I had and the people I chose to surround myself with did not value you me as much as I valued them. I had a support system that did not support me and only dragged me down. It took me a semester abroad, away from them, to realize what I wanted to change about my life. I want to form more meaningful relationships, start thinking more positively and genuinely live and love in the moment.

This is only the beginning.

Hello It’s Self Love

Chapter 2: Finding Nemo

I have always wanted to change little aspects of my life, but I never really knew how to start. I am constantly reflecting, understanding myself and understanding what I need to change in order to be the person I want to become, but again I never knew where to start. I guess I didn’t know myself that well yet, but that’s okay because that’s what life’s about: Finding Yourself.

And just like that, finding myself started with leaving the place I called home for three months. Study abroad in London was the best decision I could have ever made for myself. The people I met, the places I went and the things I learned about myself are things I will never forget. Something clicked during those three months and I rode that wave all the way home.

My journey started this summer at Orientation. Each year we have a theme and partner pairs will be something from that theme. This year the theme was Disney and my partner and I both wanted to find ourselves.We ended up being the group Finding Nemo, ironic right.

Hello It’s Self Love

Chapter 3: Boys don’t equal Happiness

Boys. Ever since I could remember I was, as some would say, boy crazy. I was never afraid to tell a boy I liked him or thought he was cute, but they never seemed to return the same feelings. Or maybe it was because I was too forward and scared them? Rejection after rejection, I am still the same straightforward first grader chasing all the boys in the playground.

Is it just me or do I go for the wrong people? I mean, I think that someone is cute every 3 seconds, but I am also attracted to the “I’m too cool and can get any girl I want” types of guys. Not a good combo if I say so myself. But that’s just the initial attraction because there’s always the little voice in my head that tells me “They would never go for you. You’re not their type.”

But what is their type? Why am I shoving myself in a box? Because in reality they don’t know what they’re missing! I’m a catch and I know it! And so are YOU! I’m tired of looking around at all the cute couples and being sad cause I don’t have a boyfriend. I haven’t had one and I don’t need one to be happy. But, I also need to stop chasing because it’s not worth wasting your breath on someone who won’t chase you back.

Hello It’s Self Love

Chapter 4: FLY, First Love Yourself

Someone once told me, “You can’t give your love to someone, until you learn to love yourself.” And then I broke down in tears. I never had anyone tell me anything like that (except my mom). To care for me in a way that they were able to tell me the hard truth. This statement was the reason for another little spark in my road to self love. It was part of that wake up call that rang bells and waved red flags. Something that I was never able to realize because I thought I loved myself already.

And I’m not saying I don’t love myself because I do. I just let society’s norms and other’s opinions interfere with the love I have for myself. I am on this road slowly cleaning it up, getting rid of the negativity that is preventing me from fully loving myself. But there are also cracks along the road that I have to fix. The things that I want to work on to be the best version of myself.

Hello It’s Self Love

Chapter 5: Change is Normal

I don’t like change. I like to have a plan and things have to go according to that plan. If something is changed last minute I get really bad anxiety. But, change is a part of everyday life. Change is what keeps us on our toes and helps us evolve into better versions of ourselves. So when someone says to you, “You’ve changed.” You say “Hell yeah I did and it was for the better!”.

This is a quote that I have always remembered from my high school theology teacher, “Maturity is the ability to deal with uncertainty.” I think this speaks volumes about self growth. Being able to acknowledge and embrace change whether it is in yourself or in daily life is a sign of maturity. The want to change and elevate yourself is what makes change great.

Hello It’s Self Love

Chapter 6: New Year, New Me?

I feel as though it is too cliche to say: New Year, New Me. Although it is a new year, is it really a new me? I am the same person, but I will choose to surround myself with different people, I will choose to practice self love and not care what others think about me and I will choose to practice positivity, kindness and happiness.

I will enter the school year “changed”. A changed mindset does not change me as a whole. But I have made the choice to own and know my worth and no one can stop me, but myself. I don’t want to relapse and become who I was. I need to hold myself accountable and be me.

Update: It is currently week 4 of school and have felt and seen myself fall back into the person I was before and I had to check in with myself. I think it is a good thing because I know the signs and the tendencies I have when I fall back to my old self. I feel more carefree and less stressed in my new mindset and I hope to continue it.