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Lash friendly picks

What do I use at home to keep my lashes perfect? Here’s a few of my favorite things!

My clients ask me all the time “What eyeliner should I use?” or “What should I use to wash my face?” Well, here is a selection of my favorite beauty items that will help you look your best and keep those lashes on your eyes!

The Original MakeUp Eraser

After almost a decade in the beauty industry, I was super skeptical about the MakeUp Eraser. I thought that it couldn’t possibly clean your face without some kind of cleanser. I was flat out wrong. Since I switched over, my skin has never been more clear and glowy. Not only does it get my makeup off, but it does so without stripping the good natural oils from the skin.

For my gals that wear extensions, it’s a must have because it doesn’t snag the lashes and it cleanses your entire face without risking any emollients from cleanser that may damage your extensions!

*BONUS* It is super eco friendly, eliminating the waste of makeup wipes!

Silk Sleep Mask

As hard as I try not to, I pretty much sleep with at least half of my entire face mashed into my pillow. This means my lashes are rubbing up against my pillow case, snagging and ultimately falling off before they shed naturally.

Now I sleep (face in pillow) with one of these booshie silk eye masks on. The silk creates significantly less friction on my lashes and they stay on my face as long as they should! Also this little mask looks real cute on my night stand!

MAC Brushstroke Liner

This has been my go-to liner for 10+ years now. It dries down, doesn’t budge all day and creates a super clean cat eye.
Even worn with lash extensions, it causes no extra fallout and comes off easily with my MakeUp Eraser.

Pick it up in black or brown form any MAC location.

The Lash Professional

At Hello Pretty Lashes I use the entire product line from The Lash Professional. They’re an Arizona based company and the product they supply is light years beyond anything I’ve ever used.

My clients have amazing retention (8+ weeks) and their mascara, cleanser and lash serum make caring for my actual lashes so much easier.