Hi, I’m Shannelle!

I love getting to journey with other young people
to find healing, joy and purpose. I am privileged to do this as a Catholic campus missionary in Vancouver, BC.

I am a Filipina and migrated to Toronto, Canada when I was 8 years old. I struggled with my identity finding so much of my worth and value in boys! My mom called me “boy crazy” aha! I idolized relationships and this led me to many disappointments as I jumped into relationship to relationship. It was at a retreat that I found truth and healing of what I was really looking for. I was looking for the perfect man to love me unconditionally and there I found Jesus. It was the first time I heard this personal love and the invitation for me to receive this love. As unworthy as I was with many mistakes and imperfection I said YES! This transformed my confidence in my singleness, and how to have healthy balance in relationships.

It is this experience of that I have received that I want to share with you!

I am the eldest of 2, and I love being an older sister! It’s why I love what I do! Think of our time together like hanging out in my living room couch, with cozy blankets, warm tea and just having a heart-to-heart!