Peaches is back spread!

Peaches is back do anything to make Zoe,her baby,Charli and other safe!

Hello guys! Since yall know peaches is back she wants Charlie and other and us her supporters so if you want to be really safe you can follow people you trust and put your account on friends only so you be safe if you don’t want I am not forcing but since we wanna protect Charli go to her videos try be early or even a bit early and write in the comments charli peaches wants you please stay safe and try make her loco her herself with her family and feel safe and make sure comment and on Zoe videos bc she will soon be the next victim so PLEASE stay safe yall nobody wants to get harmed I hope she spends her life in jail

Peaches is back!

Where I get my colorings!

80 special

Hey guys so I will be showing you where I get my colourings so here we go! So I get my fonts and colorings for daisyvhelps her account makes lots of things and she works a lot she made this account this days she is new she think she will be like coloringhelpss she likes her and I try support her she gives me lots of ideas font captions. Bios colourings and other so you maybe can check her acc account and maybe you could find something your style so I hope I helped here! Bye love you