I am trying help people with depression

My name id Dustee and I want to help with solving depression and so people do not have to commit suicidel.

I am here if there is no one you can't talk to, I help with problems and help with diffrent cases of depression. So please let me know if you would like help😊


Read and know about depression

Depression can be a hard thing to handle its like you put a gate over your happiness and lock it and drop your key to that gate and never find for aong time. Also it's very hard for people to act happy when you are depressed, some people say just be happy its not that easy but we wish that we could be happy. When your depressed you shouldn't cut tour self or even commit suicide because that's not the answer, you just got to wabt to be happy and try to make yourself happy. It's hard to think about your self first but try to make your self happy first. There are strategies to make sure you dont cut like the wave idea, the wave idea is where you draw waves on your wrists with your fingers. You could also take a pen and a piece of paper and write the things that are makeing you feel sad on it and then destroy it.
Come back next week for more tips!

Its ok to be sad but its better to tell someone then keep it in!

Dont lock your happiness away, people Want to see you happy not sad