I'm a 38 year old caring sugar momma

Making people happy and comfortable is my goal

I started my life with trading expensive jewelries which made me my first millions in $$$$$$
I couldn't handle my bank accounts anymore so I moved my money into crypto assets
And being an early crypto trader I make huge profits than I can spend in my whole lifetime.

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Loyalty and Accountability

Just be sure you not gonna disappoint me for helping you live comfortably

I don't ask for anything in return than to make good use of your funds,get settled,get established,and help others also.

God loves us all

For God so love the world,that He gave us his only begotten Son.........

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Be Kind

The world is gonna be a better place if one helps two,two helps four,four helps eight,and so on............no one is gonna think of doing harm to the other,we all gonna live in peace and unity.
How will a man ride a car worth millions of dollars while so many people can't afford feeding?

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Don't be Stupid

So many people are poor just because they want to be poor.
Even sleeping at night to wake up next morning is a risk of life and death
So why won't you take risks?
Life is all about taking risks,don't be poor because you see all opportunities as scam or fraud,or as loss of money

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Make More

Gas fee increased by almost 100%
Do you think you can keep living with only your wages and salary?
Try as much as possible to increase your ways of making money,let your children enjoy good life from you,make a good life for yourself as an individual by making best use of all opportunities.

The world is for the smart ones

95% of the world richest men were poor at their early age