Hema Mehndi Artist

Welcome to my website and my creative world of mehndi

My name's Hema and I'm a self taught henna artist. I have been practising henna for about 6 years along side practising hair and makeup.

I have also taken my love for henna and used this to create beautiful henna inspired gifts for any occasion in the form of candles, canvases, tealights, glassware and greeting cards....

Recently I have also taken to teaching online henna classes both on Facebook and via zoom for private events.

Please do get in touch via my Facebook page www.facebook.com/hemamehndiartist or via my Instagram page www.instagram.com/hema_mehndi_artist for any enquiries

Meet your artist

Let me introduce myself... I'm the face behind Hema Mehndi Artist. I'm a wife and mum with a serious passion for creative arts.

When I'm creating your beautiful orders, I'm transported to another world where my mind forgets about anything else that's going on. Everybody needs an escape and creating henna inspired designs is my happy place.

Initially i began just doodling and this then progressed to using mehndi on skin to create patterns. This then progressed to creating acrylic based henna inspired gifts and I'm always looking for a new idea.

Get in touch via Facebook or Instagram to discuss your ideas or to purchase any of my products

Gifting Ideas.... From only £5!!

Take a look at my latest gifting idea.... Super cute tealight holder with 2 coordinating tealights. Various designs available

Glass tealight holder with coordinating tealights

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