I'm selling an organic product based on henna

Hello there!
My name is Iffah Rabihah and you can call me Rabi. I'm an agent for Hennaline 2.0 for Hulu Selangor area.

So basically, I'm selling all kind of henna product such as:-
1. Henna hair paste
2. Hair bleach
3. Henna for nails & fingers
4. Henna uban
5. Henna powder

Anything about henna, feel free to ask me. Thank you.

I do delivery and postage 3 times a week.

Henna Hair Paste from Hennaline HQ

It's good to treat your hair problems.

Do you have any of these hair problems?

- Dry & oily hair types
- Hair split ends
- Damage hair
- Itchy dry scalp & dandruff
- Hair fall problems
- To helps hair growth

Already use multiple ways and results are still the same? Why not you try to treat your hair by using our henna hair paste?

We have 3 different kind of henna hair paste:-

IR Original : Basically suitable to treat all kinds of hair problems but mainly focused on dry hair & damage hair.

IR Rosey : Specialize for hair fall & regrowth hair. Highly recommended for those with hair fall problems.

IR Lavender : Specialize for itchy dry scalp & removes dandruff. Highly recommended for those with oily scalp & hair, to maintain scalp health.

How much does it cost per/ pack?

1. IR Original - RM38 (350g)
2. IR Rosey - RM42 (350g)
3. IR Lavender - RM42 (350g)

All price stated exclude shipping cost.