Get fit with coach Grit

Who am I ?

Hey welcome guys, I’m coach Grit, a health and lifestyle coach.

Ask yourself these questions:
How would you rate your current health ?
How can you be responsible for your health?

You are the person primarily responsible for improving and then maintaining your health on a long term basis with some direction of course. Your wealth is your everlasting health, it should be your first priority.
How does one live a healthier lifestyle? There are many different variables but the major duo consists of exercise and nutrition. Nutrition being 80% and exercise 20%. Your body is a mirror of what you eat and drink.

What do you consider more important: overeating and digestive ailments, smoking and lung cancer, drinking and liver disease, sedentary living and obesity or physical well-being, mental clarity, sexual vigor and graceful aging with minimally impaired vision and hearing.

No matter what your age, it’s never too late to lead a a healthier lifestyle.

My Herbalife Journey

Before Herbalife I was already into fitness. I am athlete who plays soccer and my life consisted of team training sessions and personal training sessions to become better as an athlete. With being that active I got away with eating a lot of junk food and maintaining a mediocre physique, however I slept terribly and my recovery after my sessions were poor. Fast forward to after Herbalife, although contrary to most, 2020 year of the pandemic, was the best year of my life. Why? My healthy improved drastically, through good nutrition with aid of my Herbalife products and healthy eating, I sleep much better, I recover faster and I am more explosive in my sport. I was able to gain approximately 15 pounds of lean muscle mass and grow on that result. There’s no stopping me‼️💪🏾🏋🏾

How can I help you???

I am a health and lifestyle coach, I specialize in helping my clients to improve their overall health and fitness. As my client you are provided with our amazing products alongside:
Free weekly meal plans
Free home workout guides and live workouts
Client support

The best part is that I work with your budget 😁😄

Here’s what I can help you to achieve:
Lose body fat
Gain muscle mass
Maintain a healthy lifestyle
Increase energy levels
Boost immune system
Improve skin and hair
Boost metabolism

What do you have to lose ?
I say some extra pounds 🙌🏾😁

Be your own boss

Become an international health coach

Are you tired of a 9 to 5 job that barely pays?
looking for another source of income?

All of us have dreams of having financial freedom. No one wants to take the risk of building a business themselves, but what if I told you that there is an opportunity to make it big without having to invest a lot of money, having a team to assist you and a clear blue print to follow to achieve your goals wouldn’t you be interested??

As a health coach you will be providing personal coaching to individuals that are interested in improving their lifestyle and keeping it that way for good, as well as your own health. Their lifestyle choices will play a vital role in the transformation and it will be up to you to motivate them.

I am currently a full time student at the University of Trinidad and Tobago while doing this business and making extra TT and US income.

✨ No prior experience needed
✨ You will be provided with all the tools and chain and you need to build your business and coach your clients
✨ Part time or full time

It’s a win-win, get fit and get paid.