About Us

Herbient Life and Wellness Center

Here at Herbient, we strive to help you #LiveLifeHerbiently – a lifestyle where you prioritize self care via creating long lasting self care routines- through coaching.

The mission is simple: to give overburdened caregivers the tools needed to change their mindset, implement the necessary self care habits to have the abundant and peaceful lifestyle they crave and learn how to keep these habits long term no matter what life throws your way.

Learn how to identify and explore your values and create a schedule to match this so that you show up your best EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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About Our Founder

Sharon Sanghez

Hey y'all! I'm Sharon, Founder and Head Coach at Herbient. As your coach and wellness champion, my priority is you and your well being and my goal is to arm you with the confidence you need to show your best everyday. With coaching, I help you define what you want and what you need in order to achieve your goals.

Between the ages of 25- 29 years old, I was the primary caregiver for my mother, while going to graduate school, working full time and leading a meet-up group in my local area. I was doing all of this while balancing my romantic relationship, being a sister and being a friend. As I’m saying this, I noticed how hard I was on myself and how I created this impossible life. But I’m a strong woman right!? 🙄

While being the primary caregiver for my mother, I noticed that my health declined. I gained 75 lbs and developed a chronic illness.I stress ate a lot and my personal relationships deteriorated. In the midst of this, I also had some traumas happen that I prolonged dealing with because I was too focused on living for my mother and not for myself. Too many caregivers have this exact story. The details may be different, but it's the same tone- we lose ourselves in those we love. We don't have enough support nor do we even know where to look for that help.

My mother has since passed in February 2020 and while it is really hard to be a young woman without a mother, I thank God for that extra time we had. In the midst of all this chaos, I found my calling and once I implemented the signature plan I developed while in grad school into my life as a caregiver, I went from being burnt out and broken to following and sticking to my own self care plan. This is where the beginnings of Herbient Life and Wellness Center was born.

With my knowledge of behavior change and your willingness to be in charge of your life as a caregiver, you'll be reversing those old habits and FINALLY begin putting yourself first.