Her Majestys...Living a Queens Dream

Im a small business owner who has bigger dreams to be fufuilled!

Hi let me tell you about myself, my name Is Shannon & just recently I became a small online business owner & despite that its been off to a slow start, its still a huge accomplishment in my life that I'm proud of. I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do but with limited access to funds, obviously I had to start off small but I'm a creative person so I've used my imagination to turn my make up business into something a little unique. Along the way of shopping for my business I discovered a lot of similarities that some of the makeup had compared to the high end name brand stuff & what I found was astonishing! I don't know about you, but I couldn't pay $67 for 1 eye shadow palette, so when I saw how identical the ones I found while wholesale shopping, I was shocked! So I bought up a bunch of different ones that were similar to the name brand ones & once they were finally delivered I tested them each out for quality & I was totally shocked & impressed ! The pigmentation was amazing! Its like their the same ones as the brand named ones! Could that be possible? Well something's true ....you & I don't have to go broke to be beautiful anymore, it took a little time but I did it and now I can share these products with you so that we can have the same looks as if we spend lots of money on ourselves like we can afford it & no one would know the difference!
Thats just one part of who I am. There's alot more to me though. I've been through a lot of obstacles in my life, things have happened that I would never picture my life would've turned out. There has been an emptiness in my life for alot of years now that has cause a lot of unhappiness & I believe because of this I've been stuck. And not able to live the life I've always wanted. Probably because of feeling sorry for myself, and feeling like I was cursed with no luck in my life like I've seen others have & I wanted too. I've always been a daydreamer, but I've learned that it takes a little bit more than that to actually get out of the unfulfilling life I have. And with the help of the positive people out there who have been sharing the no so secret truth about manifesting the life you can have with just a few attainable things....ive been on a mission to achieve that life I know ive not only desired, but that I believe I deserve! So if you want it too, let's get at it & do it together. So many people out there insist that it works so I'm ready to get my share! The universe says its already mine so im ready to claim it now! How bout you?

You can still look like a beautiful Queen without spending all your Royal Allowence!

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