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We’re food-loving sisters Ellin & Lena, we help local businesses get discovered and grow by reaching a wider audience as we eat and sip our way all over this beautiful city of Brisbane and beyond!!

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Meet Ellin

The “Lil’ sis”

She started HeyBrisbane page in 2014 initially just using Instagram as a photo editing app. But her love of eating and snapping food pics eventually grew into a passion which led this food page to where it is now.

Almost 10K followers later, she’s still passionate about sharing where to find good eats in Brisbane while helping restaurant/cafe owners get their businesses discovered and grow!

Originally from Indonesia, she was born in West Java, grew up in Jakarta and then moved to Brisbane in 2010 to join her now husband, Dan.

This ex-Montessori teacher currently lives in the north side of Brisbane with her husband and 4 year old son Luke.

Birthday: 16 June
Right now craving: pork belly

Meet Lena

The “Big sis”

To cut the long story short, Ellin basically needed some extra hands to keep HeyBrisbane going after she had a baby so Lena came to help. Big Sis to the rescue haha

Luckily she loves eating too! She was totally excited to join as she had always enjoyed being in the creative & media industry. She was once in a travel show called 5 Takes: USA, which aired on the Discovery Network (The Travel Channel in the U.S and Discovery Travel and Living in Asia Pacific & Europe).

She got to travel around America and shared her travel adventures with her audiences on telly as well as an online blog & vlogs on the Travel Channel’s websites. She also enjoyed emceeing for a lot of events back in Indonesia, as well as presenting on Radio and Indonesian TV channels.

But it was all not on the gram, so basically it’s like it didn’t happen. Lol!

She now lives on the east side of Brisbane with her husband Mick and daughters, Marissa & Luella.

Birthday: 22 March
Right now craving: combination pho