Girls Supporting Girls

A girl has got your back!

Hey girl! How are you? We want to know, we have got your back. This platform is so you can spread your girl love & support others! Show us who you are! Whether that is through art, music, dance, poetry - let’s see!

Thinking of you

Hey girl, we’re thinking of you. I know right now things are hard. It can feel like the world around you is just collapsing, but I promise that soon it will build up again, and only stronger. So let’s help those out who feel that way, so we CAN come out stronger. I’m calling this project “Thinking of You”. Think about those in hospitals right now, doctors, nurses, and patients. I’m asking YOU to THINK of them, and write them a message to them. Anything works, it can be as short as an “I’m here for you.” Send me that message on Instagram, and I’ll write it down and send it to my local hospital. I’m trying to get a hundred letters, can you help me? Spread the word girls! And just remember I’m thinking of you.

Together We Can!

Hey girl, we need YOUR help. People are struggling all over America right now. They’ve lost their jobs, have sick family members, or may be sick themselves. The pandemic has struck a huge increase in hunger in America, and many people are starving.
With everything going on right now, food should not be something people should have to worry about. Feeding America is an organization that is feeding people throughout food banks, shelters, etc. Everyone can use some help right now, so let’s help each other out, because together we can! Click the gofundme link to donate, and watch the video on there for more information 🤍

Click HERE for the gofundme - Together We Can

Earth day

Hey Girl, happy earth day! The Earth is a beautiful place, isn’t it? A place that gives us a beautiful blue sky, and sunshine or the music of rain. A place for us to be our beautiful selves. A place for us to make our grounds, to take charge. So got take charge girls! Scream you love the Earth from the top of your lungs - because the Earth loves you. Check out the link to help out this wonderful planet from home!