Daniel Merac is a mystic artist, illustrator, also photographer, and industrial designer from Colombia, based in Turkey, whose art is closely connected to nature, mysticism, spiritual dimensions, emotions, and symbolism. After having achieved his industrial design degree, he specialized in drawing bird species, botany, and every other element from nature with his intricate and heartfelt fusion of fine art and illustration.

Early on during his artistic journey he was introduced to the spiritual path by the mysticism of nature and its wildlife, which led him to various new ways of creating art. This marked the beginning of an adventure of self-discovery and a passion for studying the occult side of life.

The Maya Tzolkin is one of the spiritual tools Daniel has studied in depth, which, due to its profound wisdom, quickly became a key element in his life and consequently in his artistic work. On the canvas he explores the energies contemplated by this ancient tool of cosmic synchronization.

His versatile way of drawing has allowed him to work in different fields, from doing private commissions to creating art for creative and commercial purposes such as coffee packaging, clothing, album art, and more extensive creative projects such as design & illustration of tarot decks.

He is known for expressing the spritual path through his ink artworks, and for sharing the work of new independent artists through the Indie Gallery.

In his free time, he loves to read novels and mystic books, go to the seaside to photograph life, discover new music, and drink specialty coffee from around the world, a passion that he shares with his beloved wife.

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