Hey  —

"if someone says ur ugly.......u probably are"

- Cassidy H

"all good girls go to hell and never ever forgot how truly amazing u are🙃"

- Tumi

"If you have an idea don't let some idiot talk you out of it . You keep pursuing that dream even if it seems impossible you will find a way"

- Jared

"I'm Big Boy Connor aka LION4017 aka KingGhost"

- connor

Toast is like parents
If they both black u have nothing to eat

- I'm not ganna say who for there sake.

"Bros before hoes"

- keaden


- Amia

"art is objective"

- Jude [inside joke]

"hi im a tokoloshe and I like sniffing glue : ) "

- anonymous

"we don't do love stories here because love is sappy 😀"
-soap says as she later watches romance animes


You can customize you weinner size in cyberpunk

- Alex

What do call a swimming terrorist?
A bath bomb

-Seth w

Big booties....... Wobble wobble

- Amy s

"praying for you and your sanity😙"

- Sophia

"Whatever comes out of people's mouth is either irrelevant or something we don't care about"

-Seth R

"Jenna is the best cousin"


"Give up on your dreams and die"

- alysa

“give up on your dreams and die”

-levi ackerman

"Life is too short to care about what other people have to say"

- alysa

“follow my instagram @its.nuhaa mkay bye"


"Love is like the ocean. There are always areas being explored, destroyed and we will never fully know the full depth of it"

- alysa