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We believe in the power of storytelling

Our mission is to make, own, and create award-winning content for film by believing in the telling of powerful stories can change pop culture, and influence understanding of poverty and addictions, and really from any sufferings point of view can be essentially valuable. To create this content we employ and build with a powerful next-generation in talent for artists, as a firm that contracts with the many of the largest media and technology companies in the world we have one purpose. And, that’s always to perform for our clients and to always be trusted, with that “we are going to do what we say we’re going to do.” On this simple value, as long it is never broken we always ensure our strategic partners a business partner trusted experience and unique value for the most returns on investment.”

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One Time In San Francisco, A Major Media Production

We believe we hold the keys to an Emmy Nomination

We couldn’t believe it until we started to see it then with a bit of wonder, and skepticism we worked and began to produce what will be an Emmy Nominated series about the provocative protagonist; a salesmen and the powerful women dancer who falls for him. In this story, of life in the fast lane a transformation occurs. One that we all found ourselves believing and would like you to joins us as you watch and have a reason for faith and to also believe.

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Jason Miller to Bring late night television to Orenge County

Tonight with Jason Miller is set to make its debut from the prestigious Segerstrom Center for the Arts, promising a special event on NBC Peacock that's not to be missed.

NBC Peacock's search for a nightly show host, akin to John Oliver or Conan, has culminated in Jason Miller's selection. Drawing inspiration from legends like Johnny Carson, who pioneered nightly humor, and current stars like Colbert and Fallon, Miller aims to redefine Orange County's evening entertainment landscape.

The endorsement from Elezbeth Segerstrom and securing the Segerstrom Center for the Arts as the show's home have put any doubts to rest. The OC-based theater, often overlooked, hosts major productions, elevating Miller's show to an elite level.

Traditionally, Fallon, Colbert, and Stewart have thrived in New York City, but Miller's ambitions are set in Hollywood. If he succeeds, Orange County could see a tourism and business boom, reminiscent of the Hollywood heydays.

Moreover, the Segerstrom Center for the Arts could join the ranks of iconic venues like 30 Rock and the Ed Sullivan Theater. Jason Miller's gamble with "Tonight with Jason Miller" seems calculated, with the potential to leave a lasting mark on pop culture.

When asked about this venture, Miller confidently stated, "I'm going to deliver a genius performance surpassing Chappelle, and then we'll discuss the partnerships who bankrolled me and there returns on investment," before leaving with an air of assurance.