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Ready? Set Go!!!!

Favourite Event

My favourite school event is the annual sports tournament. It takes place around a month after the cross country event in January. There are a variety of sports available, including high jump, 100m run, hurdle run, and more. The sports day begins with a march from four athletic houses, each dressed in their own lavish theme colour. Following that, formation and marching are held, with various sorts of innovative and mind-blowing movement, as well as a visit from vvip and teachers to the sport house tent. The most elegant tent will receive a special award and will be recognised by the other sport houses. The finest part about this tournament is that to win the house cup, everyone must work together.There are also cheers produced by seniors to boost the morale of the athlete and sport house member who is about to win the coveted trophy. Finally, each year has a unique theme, and the 2022 event theme will be spectacular! So stay tune in July!


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Peace Of Mind

Favourite places at school

Next, I would like to talk about my favourite places in the school. There are these two places where I enjoy myself the best. As a senior in my school, my stress gets doubled and I often get headaches. So, in order to relax myself, I will go to our school's lake or the school garden near the Japanese Room because it is calming with the windy and quiet environment and also the nature. I will go there with my friends and we will express all our troubles and this really helps reducing our stress.


Teacher, Im coming!!!

My Favourite Subjects

Im pretty sure that almost all students who ever went to school have their own preferred subject. Right now, im a 16 years old and a science stream student. I think all the subjects that we learnt during school time is actually a preparation for us, ourselves to face the reality and overcome the upcoming challenges that will appear in the present or future. For me, learning and exploring my favourite subjects is part of happiness in my life. My mind becomes wider, the matureness being nurtured as I started to see the beuty of knowledge.

Actually my favourite subject is anything related to calculation like mathematics and addmaths. It’s like therapy for myself as I able to solve the problems and feel the impressive satisfaction. Whenever I feel stressed, sad or badmood, I wil answer random math questions, algebras or equations. For me, the difficulties in finding the final answer is not a burden but it’s a journey that helps me escape from the darkness.

The next one is science subjects like biology, chemistry and physics. Sometimes I felt like im a genius after finishing a chapter that taught the full steps of digestive process😂[disclaimer] that feeling only last for few minutes. Believe me, these things really help me understand the nature, organism and even any matter that exist around. Sometimes the knowledge of sciences taught me to become independent as I able to handle myself when im having constipation by knowing what is the next steps that should be taken and the reasons.