Redefining Stylish Modestwear

Hidaya’s devoir is rooted in producing luxurious abayas from a woman’s perspective; a much needed breakthrough in an industry long dominated by men. Established in 2014, the Malaysian homegrown brand bloomed in the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur and has since expanded to the Middle East and Europe.

Today, Hidaya reigns as one of a leading brands in modest fashion label in the country and aims to continuously be a game changer in the industry while lauding the rightful choice of women to embrace modest dressing without compromising on style, class and comfort.

High fashion, fine standards.

Hidaya places the highest regard for handpicked choice material and crafts them into high-fashion abayas as well as complementary pieces that collectively exude a regal aura.


A word from our founder

Hello friends of Hidaya,

I have always been one to take the road less travelled, so perhaps it is a little surprising to see my face and greeting here. For even when I started Hidaya from humble beginnings 6 years ago, I have always preferred to remain somewhat faceless. While the brand carries my name, I have always wanted my designs and abayas to speak for themselves.

Alas, the time has come for me to unveil myself. As a private person, this has always been a bit of a challenge, but I understand the importance of giving a voice to the brand, in order to be more personable and human, especially in this digital age. The recent events have made me take pause and reflect. I have come to realize that being private doesn’t mean I have to be invisible, and being humble doesn’t mean I need to be a wallflower.

So here I am, stepping out of my comfort zone, in an effort to connect more meaningfully with all of you, instead of driving the brand like a silent chauffeur, quietly invisible in the front seat. I can no longer hide behind my passion.

So welcome to my little corner of social media, where I hope to share periodic musings of my creative process, life lessons, passions and inspirations. Thank you for the support, and for being a part of Hidaya’s journey!

Cautiously but excitedly,

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Latest Campaigns

Hidaya Women Of Substance

Hidaya International proudly presents a lineup of Malaysian female personalities for The Hidaya Woman series, where we feature inspiring women of substance!
Who is #TheHidayaWoman? She blazes her own trail, lifts other women by empowering and inspiring them, gains respect by earning it and celebrates life fully while staying on the righteous path!

Deborah Henry



Yuna - Behind The Scenes

Hidaya Loungewear

The #StayHome Collection

The inspiration for “Shakyrah: Hidaya Loungewear collection”, was birthed during the pandemic. The self-reflection during lockdown made us realize just how much we have to be grateful for. Hence the name of the collection “Shakyrah”, which means gratitude.

It is with this sentiment that we took to our drawing boards to design comfortable loungewear attires that promotes togetherness and homeliness with our loved ones. We chose light and versatile fabrics that can go from couch to cafe; casual and classy. But this collection is more than just beautiful garments and fabrics, it’s about giving back.


From couch to cafe, the Emira Lounge Dress in Sand is our latest affordable Loungewear.


Starting the long weekend in a Medina Lounge Dress in Grey.


“Love begins at home.” Introducing the Vanida lounge dress.

The Rinnie Shawl Collection —

The Rinnie Shawl collection is a luxurious range of double ended hand-embroidered shawls, available now in 6 pastel colors. . One touch of the premium velvet material chiffon, and you will feel the softest shawls in Malaysia. Exclusively available at Hidaya.