Hi buddy

Happy Birthday

Remember how we met? I can vividly remember that one. I continuously annoy you to reply and then one day 4 to 5 am I guess you replied because your phone notified about me saying “Hi” petty ryt? Pero sa kato nga tion I kned I found a long term friend (and I was right) 10 months is long. And I hope it didn’t end, but that’s not that now. It’s your birthday ✨

I asked myself, “What would I’d like to do if the pandemic is over and we’re still buddies?” Here’s my answer! Ehe

R u excited? It’s just fun to think of these things, even tho in the reality spectrum these won’t happen anymore

Hope you could do these to your friends budz


Drink milktea with you. Of courseee ✨TARO✨


To hike and talk about life with you

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Chase Sunsets with you

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And will look over the moon with you. Budz, Luna is my new bestiee


Bestie Painting❤️

Happy Birthday, Philip

I can’t transcribe how I am feeling while making this one. But surely, I’m immensely happy to be able to make this for you out of love and longing, IMY

I Miss You

A poem from a longing friend to the bestest friend

The sea vast
Time ticks fast
Remember when we said “There’s no last”
Sitting here reminiscing the pain of that past

I found a friend in you
A friend that surely could have me
In times of grief and sadness as enemy
Will surely not bid adieu

Destiny is really tricking on me.
For it not gave the best I could have and be
But surely destiny will be on my side soon
To give me solid soltitude
To not long for you.

Happy Birthday❤️

Message to a the bestest friend

I regretted the things I did that made the reasons why we shifted apart- I was a shit that time,sorry. But moreover I am very lucky to find friendship in you the most genuine friendship.

Those times when no one has ever cared for me, you we’re there. The time when a person had put a pain on me, I cried, because I needed you. That time when we shared victors, we we’re happy. That time when I finally gotten what I wished for, I have no one to share my happiness with

Phil, as much as I wanted you and I to comeback it’s far from impossible . But always remember what I’d always tell you when you’re feeling weary “They may turn their back to you, turn away and there you’ll see me opening my arms longing for your embrace and wanting to he that comfort you always needed” ILOVEYOU my 11:11 wish, my buddy, my brother, my forever, my TOTGA. Ily advanced Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday

Here’s a picture of us HAHAHA