Nature Photography

Bringing You Beauty Through Photographs

Thanks to the beautiful lands of Texas, we have the most gorgeous, distinctive herbs, plants and trees surrounding our home.

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Sweetgum Tree

Uses to make furniture, plywood etc. The sap can be used as a fragrant chewing gum. SUPER COOL!!!

My Top Pics

Everyone has a Favorite!

In my opinion, these are the most interesting plants and trees we've ran across so far.

Ti Plant

This plant is also known as the goodluck plant. It was once said Apollo once incarnated inside of a Ti Plant during an attack and it actually saved his life. Hence the name, "goodluck plant"

Indian Shot

This plant is a species of Canna. It's appearance looks like the bullet of a rifle. In fact, during the 19th century Indian war, soliders would use the seeds to reload when they ran out of ammunition. Hence the name "Indian Shot "

Quince Tree

In Arabic, the fruit is called quince. Since it is the most common species in its genis, it's called the "common quince"


Here are our favorite "TREES" we ran across scavenging the woods behind and around our home. We've done extensive research on each tree for fun of it.

Aloe Yucca

Very similar to the Agave genus, and is prefer drought prone areas. They can grow to 20 feet tall before they get top heavy and topple over.

American Beautyberry

This tree is grown as an ornamental plant in the United States. They get their name from the bright purple berries they produce in clusters on their branches. They symbolize intelligence and wisdom.

Indian Peach Tree

This awesome tree grows the sweetest yet smallest peaches you'll ever run across. They bloom every summer and the peaches don't get any bigger than a ping pong ball.

Exotic and Ancient

Here you can find a few of our favorite exotic and ancient plants and flowers that we ran across, researched and found intriguing facts about.

Persian Silk Tree

Looks like thousands of tiny strands of silk glands growing from the calyx. Legend says when an Chinese emperor died, later so did his queen, the two merged together and created the SILK TREE. Since it has symbolized loyalty to love.