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Sierra Grant (970) 308-0334

Hi! I’m so glad we met!

I am a practitioner, and my focus is in creating a space and dedicated time where you can evolve, grow, and heal.

Whether you resonate most with my physical modalities of bodywork,
my mental modality of Tarot Readings,
or my spiritual modality of Hypnotic Journeying,
I offer a place where you can lock in your practice of developing into your next level being.

My studio is located at

1319 S Garfield Ave

Within Ritual Strength Gym and will be under construction until September 2022.

Until then, my home studio is my hub of practice.

My intention is to make my rates accessible for consistent work:

Message: (coming soon)

Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR): $60 for full reset

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: $180 3+ hrs

General Hypnotic Journeying: $45/hour

Tarot Reading: $45/hr

Even once every few months allows for a noticeable comparison of shifts that are occurring in your health, healing, and progress.

I help everyone from young adults looking to optimize their life, athletes looking to streamline their progress, to the elderly who are looking for closure on life experiences.

I look forward to keeping in contact coming ahead! Please feel free to save this site as reference and contact me any time!

[email protected]

More about what I do

Watch these videos to get to know my body work method and my hypnosis process to learn what is right for you.

What is RPR?

A little about removing pain via the nervous system.

What RPR in action

What is QHHT?

A sample QHHT session

Tarot Readings with Sierra

I utilize Tarot for visually empowering your life decisions. Tarot is more of a “what if” than a “what WILL.”


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Review from Amber

Sierra has always been my go to girl when I need clarity on things happening in my life. She is very flexible in scheduling and I always enjoy our coffee spot in Loveland. Her pricing is honestly the best around. She will always talk to you to find out what you are trying to get figured out or what questions you may want answered but she never rushes and just wraps up your session. She is always in tune with me and where I needed my reading to go. I always leave a session feeling very happy for answered questions, guidance and clarity on what my next steps are or what it is I need to change. She is very down to earth and always happy to talk to and be around. I have been seeing Sierra for about 4+ years and have always gotten the clarity I needed. Life gives us plenty of chaos and plenty of uncertainty why not sit down and let her give you guidance.


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