High Gloss Couture💄

Our Story🤍

CEO of High Gloss Couture here!!!

Hello everyone my name is Janeika if you don’t know me but if you do know me then you know who I am already!

So here’s a little about me if you don’t know!
I’m 19 years old, college student, I’m just a regular girl who grew up in Chicago, I have 2 siblings and 3 step brothers, I grew up very humbled and blessed, anything I own I worked hard to get it myself because I like getting my own things lol! I grew up in a family of hustlers, so I’ve always had the hustler mindset I had my First Job at 16 working at a daycare getting paid $8.50 an hour. Not much I know! After time passed I didn’t like working for someone else barely getting paid minimum wage, so I decide you know what you a boss bitch! And I created my own business! I didn’t doubt myself, didn’t hesitate, didn’t take a look back, I ran with my business!

So here is a little back story of when I started this business , I started this business a year ago, when quarantine was happening I got furlough from my Job had no income coming and with $400 in my bank account I started this business from the ground up. I invested all my money into my beautiful small business! I know I can go far in becoming successful with doing something I love to do! I had stopped working this business for a little bit , I was working another job and my schedule was always busy with school and work and now that I have time to open my business again! I’m so excited to be back!