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High maintenance is maintaining your self & your life the way you want to & up to your own standards. High maintenance is loving your self unconditionally. High maintenance is taking care of your body & soul. High maintenance is doing things for you no matter what anyone says. High maintenance is doing things you love. High maintenance is doing YOU for YOU.

High Maintenance Maegan is all about self love & a everything high maintenance & extra lifestyle.


Routines, lifestyle & selfcare

There’s no better part of the day than mornings. A time of day we all take advantage of whether it’s sleeping through it or rushing through it. Mornings are a fresh start to a new day, where we are able to open our eyes & make the most out of today, the time we have now, the current moment. Before the day becomes chaotic there’s a moment of peace with yourself when you first open your eyes. Now in this moment we can chose to wake up with a negative outlook or energized ready to own the day. In the morning you can either chose to make it your world or just live in everyone else’s.

When I wake up I chose that the world is working in my favor, I choose myself, I choose to love my current life & I choose to take on the world. Each morning is another beginning I get to love & live.

The routine

Routines are made up of healthy habits that make you feel good. Healthy habits that make you excited for your life, that makes you think I am totally owning it.

I wake up around 6 or 7 & stretch & just lay around for a couple minutes. Then I journal while I’m still in bed, I write what I’m grateful for & my goals & affirmations for the day, then I continue to plan out my day. Once I get up I make my bed, do some skincare, take my vitamins & supplements & get ready for some movement. Nothing gets me set for the day than a cute workout outfit & a morning at the gym or some yoga. During my workout I try to drink a whole bottle of water about 20oz. I love to listen to the radio to & from the gym. Once I get home, I get in the shower then do my hair & makeup, pick my outfit out according to my day & I am ready to totally OWN the rest of the day as I feel amazing doing it.

Mornings are your choice as is everything. You have the power to own the very beginning of your day. To make the best choices for yourself that make yourself feel good. Your life is yours & it’s up to you to absolutely own it.

Setting Goals

Routines, Habits & Lifestyle

Life is about moving one step at a time, living in the moment & most importantly enjoying the moment. Setting goals can be a difficult thing especially when you try to get ahead of yourself, which believe me like most, it’s easy to do, we’re human. But setting realistic goals step by step that get us in a routine and excited about life is one of the BEST and most rewarding feelings.

It’s important to take our goals day by day so we get to enjoy them & achieve feeling amazing, & NOT to burn ourselves out.

I love to set about 3 daily goals each day when I journal in the morning that get me excited to start my day, as well as 3 weekly goals that set myself up for a feel good routine.

My daily goals typically consist little things that constantly slip my mind but get me back on track such as; drink enough water, give yourself complements when you aren’t feeling too hot, make yourself a dinner you enjoy & go to bed when your body needs rest. Just a couple examples of little things I tell myself throughout the day that boost me up and make me excited for the little moments.

My weekly goals mostly get my routine into place as well as taking care of business that needs to be completed & of course, selfcare. I typically split my weekly goals into personal goals & business goals. Some personal examples include; gym or yoga x times a week, cleaning up my room, sort through old clothes or pack if I have an upcoming trip. Business example for myself would be; making x amount of posts, taking x amount of time to write or make content, working x amount of days a week.

I allow myself to set goals that make me feel good & take on every second at my own pace. It allows me to focus on me & my dreams & goals (obvi)!!

What we accidentally do is burning ourselves out trying to set & achieve impossible goals. With this we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment when we set goals that totally over look our current needs. Because DUH!! Your goals need to focus on the CURRENT you and moving her forward!! My first goal is always self love & self care in every I do. There’s only one current me that takes life one moment at a time & that’s how she moves forward, one moment at a time.

Set yourself up for your successes, at your own pace at your own time & OWN YOUR SHIT!!

My Skincare Top Picks

(Mostly) for oily & acne prone skin types

My complete skincare routine & top picks!! These products are my ride or die after years of experimenting & struggling with oily skin & acne. I highly recommend every single one of these products & I hope you love them as much as I do!!

La Roche Posay Effaclar

This is my number one absolute fav cleanser hands down. After years of searching for the perfect product for my skin this one is absolutely amazing. It is gentle on my skin while still giving the perfect cleanse & leaves my face feeling refreshed. It cleared my acne without drying out my face & leaves it soft & clean.

Cerave Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser

This is a close second for the perfect face cleanser. This cleanser works miracles as well.
Gentle but effective cleanser, leaves my face clean & I am impressed how it clears acne without drying or damaging my skin. Another perfect cleanser for acne prone & oily skin.

Pixi Glow Tonic

I will never use a different toner again. After I tried this I will never stop using it. So many toners I’ve used before have stung & burned my skin while this one is gentle & leaves my skin GLOWING. This is one of the products that healed & saved my complexion. It leaves my face refreshed & again absolutely GLOWING.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

THIS PRODUCT IS HANDS DOWN AMAZING. I cannot believe after using this serum for TWO WEEKS how clear my face got. As a person who was struggling with heavy acne out of nowhere for about a year, this product literally cured it in two weeks & I was absolutely blown away. I love how it goes on & my skin without feeling sticky. My absolute favorite serum in the world. Highly recommend!!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

Another one of my absolute fav products, duh it’s why it’s on this list. This serum makes my skin literally bounce back, feel so hydrated & healthy. I cannot believe how smooth & radiant this product makes my face look & feel. I highly recommend for all skin types.

La Roche Posay Double Repair Moisturizer

My ride or die cannot live without moisturizer. Having acne prone & oily skin, moisturizer has always been a battle, it either dries out my skin or made it too oily. But this literally makes me GLOW & have such a healthy radiance appearance & feel. I would recommend this product to people with all skin types. It is light and fresh & does not feel heavy on your skin & literally makes you GLOW.