About Me

If you were to read my chart it would probably say..

I’m a human design projector that loves giving assistance once I know someone sees the value in me! I love to help others shine and watch them grow. You’re also dealing with a Scorpio sun AND moon so I run my business with intuition in mind meaning that it’s very important to me that I understand your vision and feel confident in our ability to create together. BUT I’m very loyal once I know that I’m meant to work with someone! On the other hand, as a Sagittarius rising I love the technical side of running a business and can really geek out on organization sometimes.

So you’re probably wondering WHY a spiritual virtual assistant?

Spirituality is my passion and my calling. I wouldn’t be true to myself if it weren’t rooted in everything I do! Having worked closely with plant medicine and retreat centers over the past few years as well as being a yoga teacher for some time I realized that I could no longer work in environments where I wasn’t getting to exercise that part of myself and feel in alignment with who I truly am. That’s when I heard about VA’s! Since I’ve had experience assisting other spiritual leaders, coaches, etc in the past I knew all I had to do was bring that knowledge into the online space. Now I get to work with female coaches, retreat centers, herbalists, alchemists, medicine women, reiki masters, yoga teachers, spiritual creatives, and all around BOSS BABES. I get to help cultivate and support a community of women that I LOVE.

Why High Vibe Virtual Assistant?

Being a soulpreneur can be difficult. I get it! When we’re holding space for others, offering services, sharing gifts and wisdom it’s often hard for us to find time to hold space for ourselves and recharge. That’s why I created High Vibe VA. I wanted to offer a safe place of assistance for burnt out soulpreneurs who just need a little help. High Vibe does NOT mean “good vibes only”. High Vibe means I’m here to lend assistance, help cultivate growth, and cheer you on when things are great and I’m also here to encourage, lend support, and take the load off of you when things start to get a bit more difficult. High Vibe means I’m here through the highs and lows! My goal is to take the weight off so you can continue to grow your biz, thrive in your community, focus on your gifts, and achieve your dream goals.

So if you feel called to me in any way please reach out or book a discovery call so we can connect and create magic together!

Ready to take the leap?


Some of the services I currently offer are:

• Social Media Assistance
• Content Planning
• Task Management
• Systems Setup
• Backend Business Assistance
• Email and DM Management
• Launch Support
If there are any services not listed here that you require please shoot me an email or fill out the questionnaire on my links page so we can work something out. I love having a large skill set to help clients in any way I can and I’m always open to learning new things.

As of right now I offer my packages at an hourly rate depending on how much assistance you need!


Just a routine cleansing of your workload! This package offers 5 hours of assistance for the week where I help you with backend tasks and whatever tasks you choose to fit into that week. This package is billed $500 monthly.


A more in depth treatment for your biz! A weekly ritual to keep things in flow and on brand. With this package I’ll have more time to invest in assisting you with things like social media, content planning, marketing, etc. This package is billed $1000 monthly.


The ultimate medicine for your business! With this package I’ll spend 15 hours a week giving you the full treatment. You’ll have full access to me for social media, content, marketing, backend tasks, and anything else you may need to take the weight off your shoulders! This package is billed $1500 monthly.