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Treat yourself to a handcrafted products made with love and filled with organicly grown herbs and vegetables as well as only the finest locally sourced medical plants

In these trying times we have personally noticed the need for nutrition with substance, We strongly believe in respect of the land and using natural permaculture techniques we grow our garden with love and create sauces extracts infusions oils remedies and treats we know you're going to love.
Timothy and Anthony

Sauces. Ingredients. Price

Enemy Skull Habanero. R100
Units 110ml Jalapeno
Lemon juice
Coconut oil
Canna Indica &Sativa

Also we can post out orders via Postnet at minimum order of x 6 units.
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Enemy Skull Sauce " Fkn Hot " R100 each

Trying to create a top quality product i used a recipe i learnt travelling through the Transkei and added some Sangoma magic. This is some serious shit be warned!!!

The Earth is our mother, and she blesses us in abundance

Like my garden it takes time to make the perfect sauce

When preparing the Enemy Skull Sauce we sought after the finest local suppliers of pure organic tumeric and morenga powders, the Habanero and Jalapenos grow in our garden and we add fresh Thyme and lemon juice just before infusing high CBD Cannabis Sativa and Indica varieties to combine and make the perfect handcrafted sauce that we hope and trust you will find most amazing!!! Oh yes it's the Beez knees on a pizza or a salad

The Canna Forest.

Handcrafted permaculture live biosoil
Nature's food and whammy Amazing Cannabis

Organic Farming is the way forward!!!

A variety of fresh herbs and vegetables are available

I love my garden and put a whole lot of good loving into it everyday and personally I prefer my food fresh , organic and not contaminated with chemicals.
We grow and supply a variety of seasonal herbs and vegetables.
Please contact us for information about availability

Medicine of the Gods

"Prying open my third eye"

By the blessing and guidance of Baba Toa Lunga Bubesi a avid collector and practitioner of Traditional African Medicines combined with his vast knowledge and expertise on South American Medicines he has made available for sale selected plants.

Fresh is always better

Organic Non GMO happy plants

A variety of fresh herbs and vegetables available please contact us for more information

AK's quality control

Growing medicine is serious work

For more that 30 years AK has been a pioneer on the forefront of cannabis culture, growing grooming and teaching us about the power and importance of traditional African and Native American Medicines combined with his native Hungarian traditional remedies ,
His vast wisdom and understanding of how plants and herbs grow and they're benefits to us has had a enormous impact on my life.
He inspects our garden with a eye for detail to ensure only the finest naturally grown medicine

Ak's medicine

A variety of traditional natural extracts and Medicines are available and made to order

The magic of 🐝 and 🌵🌱

What do you get when you combine honey, cannabis and Muti?
You get some of the best skincare products know to man, please contact us for more information

Tumeric , Morenga , Macca , Bulbine ,⚕️

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