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Hi I'm Alex/Lexi or also called Hiwaga✨ the person behind the pen name HiwagaSaDilim.

I'm 15 and still exploring the wonders of Wattpad. I have always been a fan of writing although it doesn't really show. And since I really love reading, why not put it into writing, right?

I want to give more wonders to these world through my writing (which is still a bit immature, but I will really improve it) and try to deliver my story to everyone for them to see.

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Official Fandom Name of HiwagaSaDilim

Wonders ✨

won·der | \ ˈwən-dər \

-is someone or something that amazes people, or something miraculous or amazing.

You all are my stars hidden in the dark ✨

What made Hiwaga write?

A little trivia of your weirdong author in her writing journey and a little chika

I started writing since 2014, and those were just books that were inspired by Teen Clash and the Four Bad Boys and Me. (Those were legends by the way). Then continue lang, until 2016, but I really haven't published any of those books kasi it's either nasama sa binaha, or naiwala ko na siya completely.

Then, elementary days, I've been in journalism press conferences which taught me how to accept defeat, and appreciate my efforts in writing. That's when I decided to continue making my story. Around 2018, I've published a fantasy story using my old account which was named "The Perfect Princess". It may sound cringey now, pero sobrang dedicated ako do'n until several months after, I decided to stop dahil tinamad ako (wag gagayahin please👁️👄👁️).

Then finally, midyear 2020, I've tried my chances one more time, I made a new story, published it, promoted it, and completed it. Noon ko na-realize na nakaka-proud pala yung nakatapos ako ng sarili kong storya. Yes, baka immature pa 'yon, but there's always room for improvement, right? And I always try my best to improve. That's what makes us great, diba?

And finally, nakakatuwa lang dahil while being in this community for the third time, made me interact with more aspiring writers. Halos lahat ng kilala ko ay nakakabuo ng magagandang story, and I can't help but be proud and say, "Hoy, kaibigan ko 'yan! Nakakaproud, diba? Ang galing niya, hano?"

And one day, I aim to be like that.

That's what made my writing journey fulfilled. I've created my own universe, interacted with writers, and built a new circle of friends.

So if you're aiming to be a writer, don't be shy and interact with more people! Start now, or you'll regret not doing so. Sabi nga, someday is not a part of the week diba? If you can start now, bakit patatagalin mo pa?

Anyway, don't be shy to interact with me too! I'd love to be your friend!

I love you all, take care and God bless! 💛✨

HiwagaSaDilim's Recommended Stories

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Past Replay (Stand Alone Novel)

Athena Blythe Montenegro tries to fight back as her memories of her past, slowly fail her.

Only one word is imprinted in to her mind while escaping reality:



Kiss The Wind (Forbidden Series #1)

Roses are red,
Violets are Blue,
my life was covered in darkness,
until I found you

Join Flynn and Duke as they venture on a wild trip, finding what their own meaning of love is.


Mr. Nobody's Desires (Forbidden Series #2)

The life of Koko Mendoza is determined in with only two choices:

Accept the nobody's desires, or risk the name she built for so long?

She may be sweet, but she's about to become psycho.


The Chase in Beijing (Forbidden Series #3)

Stalking game? Not a problem for little Miss Elizabeth who wants to capture the cheeky billionaire lawyer Ryle Liang, even if it'd be all the way to Beijing.


Eiffel For You (Forbidden Series #4)

The Sassy Naomi Hernandez bumps into the unruly mess of Hermes Samaniego, once again, on a very faithful night under the beautiful tower of Eiffel

Will they be able rekindle what they've lost before?


Beast For Adonis (Forbidden Series #5)

Mr. Romano needs a bodyguard, and not just any bodyguard, but a badass one. Will Haze Wilson's wildness be able to capture Arch's high standards?


Sol at Luna

A collection of a hundred prose and poetries originally written by HiwagaSaDilim.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi

Never forget to shine bright and run towards your dreams! Stay strong, keep fighting and soar high! You all are wonderful beings, always remember that. Love you all! -Hiwaga