We creating lof of unique handmade and creative design of different stuff.

Hi! My name is Rechie and I'm the creator of Cchieeee shoppe.

I started my shop in MAY of 2020 making cookies and chip, i would occasionally sell here and there but for the most part I became discouraged in growing my shop because of lack of sales and interest that people had in my product.

Shortly before i was fired from my job because of the COVID-19 Pendemic, i realized that I had to find another way to support my family during that difficult period of time. I had a lot of free time and i decided to try again in making my shop into what I always dreamed it would be.

So i keep learning new things and i use my creativity to creating lot of unique handmade and creative design of different stuff such as earrings, bracelet, necklaces and etc.

I deeply in love with handmade and hope my creation will make your day fill with happiness and joy.

I will not be here today without the help and support of you all. And i really appreciate you all. It was you who gave me the opportunity to be fully committed to doing something i loved and i could not be thankful enough.😭

I plan to continue making my new product as long as I can and i am so beyond excited and very happy to see you all wearing them!♥️

Lot of love
Rechie J.
Owner Cchieeee