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Step 2: Schedule it! Pick a time that works best for you.
Can’t find a time that works? Text our booking line 307-212-4222 the word BOOK and our office assistant will work to find you the perfect time.

Virtual Consultation

Book a complimentary video consultation at your convenience! We will cover both skin prep and seasonal makeup techniques. Appointment includes custom samples mailed for instructional use.

*Ask me about upgrading your experience to include girlfriends!

In Person Consultation

Book a complimentary in person consultation at your convenience! We will cover both skin prep and seasonal makeup techniques.

*Ask me about upgrading your experience to include girlfriends!

Custom Foundation Match

A Foundation Expert will help you find your flawless shade match during this complimentary experience! This can be done both in person and virtually. Unlock tricks like CONCEALING dark circles and tips to smoother brighter foundation.

Girlfriend Upgrade

Everything is better with friends right? Pick any appointment that suits you and simply upgrade to include 3-5 of your Besties! Plus YOU get free product credits + an exclusive Hosting Gift! Can you say win win just for getting your girls together.?!

Bridal Beauty

After 13 years in the bridal industry, having me in your corner as your private bridal skin coach & makeup guru is GOLD! At this complimentary appointment we will work to answer questions about common skin issues that lead to wedding day makeup mishaps. Plus we will cover bridal makeup secrets to create your perfect wedding day look!

*Bridal Day Of Makeup Services available upon request.

Professional Image Consult

This appointment is for the new Professional looking to create a classic daily look, or the seasoned professional looking to upgrade their social media presence. Today’s world is about putting your best “face forward” and I am here to be the glam squad you always dreamed of!

*Ask me about classes I can teach your workforce or office staff to increase professional appearance.

Teen Skin & Makeup Private Class

This appointment primarily focuses on pre-teen (8-12) & teen (13*) makeup application and removal. A great amount of detail will be given to the importance of skin care and sanitization. Intensity of makeup will be discussed with parent beforehand to provide seamless teaching for teen.

*Need a fun new teen birthday idea?! Ask me about a glamour beauty/spa experience for your teen!

40+ Youthful Goddess Appointment

Age is absolutely just a number! In this complimentary appointment you will learn updated tips to keeping you looking as young as you feel! We will primarily focus on the use of hydration as a way to increase youthful glow, proper use of shimmer (NOT how the magazines teach), how age doesn’t necessarily mean less makeup, and targeting any private concerns you have.

Meet Your Artist

Holly Bartz

As a high energy mom of 2 sweet girls and a wife to a handsome carpenter, Holly loves to live life BIG!

Holly was raised in the beauty industry and easily found her calling in the art form of makeup/skincare at 19 years old. Holly is a Natural Beauty enthusiast at heart, but believes a little drama is important to spice things up!

Q: What’s your beauty philosophy?
A: Less is always more. There is a natural radiance inside every woman, makeup should be worn to enhance that beauty not cover it up.

Q: Do you have any natural talents?
A: I would have to ask my girls! For sure they won’t say cooking!

Q: What’s your favorite makeup memory?
A: Thats a hard one! After 16 years I have so many, but probably a toss up between the bride who was so giddy to get married she cried the entire time her makeup was being done LOL or the 82 elegant woman who told me she had never felt beautiful until that day. Those moments are special to me.

Host a Girlfriend Experience

All the things you need to make your party a success!

Successful Hostess Tips:
1. Choose your date! Pick In-Person or Virtual!
2. Over Invite & Share your Excitement!
3. Follow Up with Guests to see who can come and have them fill out the google survey!
4. Earn lots of Free Product!

Tip #1 Checkout the Hostess Plan

Mary Kay Ash always taught us that our Hostesses were our #1 business partners! That’s you! My goal is to partner with you to help you EARN lots of free product! So text me what questions do you have? XO-Holly

Tip #2 Send an Invite to 10+ women!

About 1/2 the women we invite will show so over invite! Shoot this pic out with the follow message:

Virtual Party:
Hi Susie! I had to text you right away! My MK girl just pampered me doing an amazing virtual spa treatment😱😱 she sent us all spa samples & we literally tried the product from our homes virtually! 😱I thought thats exactly what my friends need right now is Fun + Girlfriend Time + Spa Pampering😊 I am going to host one would you want to join us?!

In person:

Tip #3 Create Your Hostess Wishlist!

My job is to help you max out your party credits so you can get what you want free!

Tip #4: Share Your Excitement & Follow Up

About 72 hours before your party your consultant will follow up with you to get your headcount. YAY! This is a great time to text all your friends and remind them about your party & let them know how excited you are to see them! As well as following up with anyone who hadn’t sent you a text back yet, it’s so easy to read a text and not respond right?! Here are a few ideas of what to say!

“Hey Karen! I wanted to check in and see if you saw my invite for my virtual spa party! It would mean so much to me if you could join us, it wouldn't be the same without you there!”