In Flames

° Full Name: Im Hannah
° Nickname: Nana
° Age: 26
° Education: Seoul Institute of Arts (Cosmetology Degree)
° Occupation: Part time DJ at Mystique City Radio Station & Freelance Make-up Artist
° Height: 171cm / 5'7"
° Weight: 48kg / 106 lb
° Favourite Color: Blush Pink



My love, don't stop burning

«- You know what, dad? I'm happy, whatever.
+ But you're all alone out there...
- No, I'm not.»

A good pair of headphones, a microphone and a mixing board is all she needs to cure a bad day. Im Hannah thrives on being a Jockey at Mystic Radio Station. Music is her life and she gets to share it and talk to the listeners about it; and it pays her bills! Sure, she does make up for events and influencers but the radio is what brings her to life.

Even at home she's always either humming to a song that only exists in her head or listening to someone share their talent. She treats songs as she treats people, and she treats people as she treats music. Sure, the first ten seconds of a song can kind of tell you wether you'll like it or not, but there's so many possibilities! So much could happen in the course of a song.

She has found that staying and listening for whatever the shuffle button brings leads her to better discoveries than sticking to her own playlist, although she likes to have her small safe haven.

Same as with music, she's gotten acquainted with people of great variety. Some of them remind her of a fifteen second tik tok song, and some of them of a five hour loop of Bohemian Rhapsody, yet she enjoys them all the same. She enjoys finding these new gems and she enjoys uncovering what's beneath the layers.

Just like her playlist, her close friends are few and tucked away under an "only me" lock. She carries an inner turmoil, she could be an Ed Sheeran ballad today but wake up tomorrow as an Ozzy Osbourne album mashup. She can love like Etta James and pair Michael Bublé with her disdain.

She lives to be around people and discover just what kind of song her heartstrings decide to play for her.



Figure it out, but don't stop moving

Hannah was born to a crumbling marriage. Her mother wasn't happy with her life and her father wasn't happy with her mother. She was lucky, though, for she never had to love through the divorce. In fact, they separated before her second birthday. Her sister Haneul resented and blamed her for it, so they've never really gotten along.

Keen on the arts like her father, Hannah tended to spend more time with him, which earned her the resentment of her mother as well, the latter having felt abandoned by her husband although the feeling was mutual. She held her first art brush because of her father and she never stopped after that.

School was but a breeze, she didn't make significant connections except for one friend who she frequents as much as their schedules allow. Her only takeaway was the school radio, from which she took part in every year. This was all games though, for she was meant to become an accountant just like her mother.

The acceptance letter from the School of Arts came as surprise to her mother but not to Haneul, who made sure to let their mother know just how much like their dad Hannah was, especially in their indifference to their family's interests. It didn't take much more than that for her mother to kick her out, disappointed and betrayed.

Since then and with the help from her father, she's been living by herself. She's been through weird situations along the way, but once Mystic Radio showed up she knew it'd all be alright.


Im Hannah

In Flames