I’m Holly! 🤗 It’s nice to (virtually) meet you.

I am the owner of Mecca Creative Co, a full service digital agency for businesses in the fashion, arts, sports, and entertainment industries. 🖥👗 I personally specialize in graphic design, digital and social strategy, and overall business consulting, but my team specializes in even more!

I’m also the founder of SheCommerce Academy, a digital community & education platform for women who have online retail stores.

Last but not least, I have the absolute pleasure of being Editor-in-Chief and lead designer of Showstopper Magazine, a 100-page magazine filled with tons of teen dance & lifestyle content. You can grab a copy below or at your local Barnes & Noble/Hudson News.

When I’m not working you can catch me nose deep in an Agatha Christie novel, brushing up on my Italian, planning my next trip to Europe, day dreaming about the 1920s, or shamelessly binging Criminal Minds with a nice glass of Chianti.

Let’s chat 💭

About moi

Sky’s the Limit

I’ve been Editor-in-Chief of Showstopper Magazine since I was 23, and started my first business, Mecca Creative Co that same year. I’ve been lucky enough to have a supportive family who, like me, believes the sky is the limit! This year I’m starting a brand new community, SheCommerce Academy!

My Fur-sonal Assistant

My pup Cornelius keeps me company on the daily. He’s a Brussels Griffon with a beard and a love of tummy rubs.


Florence is my favorite city in the world - I lived there for 4 months when I was 20 and have been back twice since!

Sweet Pari

Florence might be my favorite but Paris is a close second! I’ve been blessed enough to travel there 3 times and am hoping to get there again in the next year or so!

Book worm

My favorite book is The Great Gatsby but my favorite author is hands-down Agatha Christie. Reading about Hercule Poirot solving crime in an otherwise quiet English countryside is my favorite way to relax.

Hats Off

Seeing me without a beret is a sighting as rare as the yeti himself. I’ve been a hat girl since I was just a little bambino.