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Top Editing Apps

These are the top 3 must have editing apps

Editing on your phone for Instagram is a lot easier when you have quick and easy (also fun) tools. Even if your using a picture you’ve taken on your phone or one you’ve imported from your camera these top 3 apps will set you above the average insta!


This app is one giant free treasure trove for phone edits. They have filters, HDR modes, curves, double exposure options and so much more! I generally use the “Grainy Film” filters X04 & L05. I also really like the “portrait” option. It gives you the ability to brighten your eyes, face and smooth out your skin but in a more natural looking way.

Adobe Lightroom

This app is free and you don’t have to have a subscription to use it, unlike the desktop version. Yet you still get a lot of great editing tools and the opportunity to use mobile presets. If you have purchased mobile presets from an influencer or photographer you can upload them here and use this. Even if you don’t use presets this app is still great for fine tuning photos and saving them in large formats.

Touch Retouch

This app has been a lifesaver for me! I have been able to remove people and large objects in my photos (see my editing apps highlight on insta) and use the clone tool to fix an unsightly blemishes. I cannot praise this app enough. It’s like having photoshop on your phone.

About me

The woman behind the viewfinder

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.” -David Alan Harvey.

Holly Deeann is a central Florida based photographer that is dedicated to doing just that. Shooting what it feels like. Photography is her way of giving emotions a physical and visual presence. She believes that photography and the ability to photograph are gifts that should be available to everyone. Through her Instagram and Youtube channel, she strives to give others the tools they need in order to take the best photographs they can. Whether it be with a high-quality camera or simply an iPhone, she hopes to ensure that everyone can take pictures that they can be proud of and will look back on fondly in the years to come.