My name is Medina, I am also known in the art world as Molly or Holy Molly Golightly. I am self-taught artist who discovered my passion in 2006. I first began drawing with pencil as my only tool, gradually afterwards I started exploring other media from watercolor, marker, to acryclic for my artwork. I now settled mostly on a mix of pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, and acrylic.

Other than drawing and painting, I’m also very into arts and crafts. So anything like punch needle, weaving loom, ceramic building, and book binding is something that I also self taught myself to do.

Career-wise, I have worked in various creative fields: fashion, illustration, advertisement, music videos, jewelry design, and many more. I am currently based in Bali where I host more creative workshops to assist people in finding their artistic voice.

‘The Enchanted Blue Forrest’ Series

Watercolor paper cutouts, diorama and collages on Arches cold press watercolor paper

‘ The Sherpa ‘ Original Watercolor Artwork —

Watercolor paper cut and collage on 300gsm and 185gsm Arches paper, pvc board and foam board

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‘The Enchantress’ Original Artwork

Watercolor Diorama on 185gsm Arches paper and pvc board

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‘The Storyteller’ Original Artwork

Watercolor diorama on 185gsm cold press Arches paper and pvc board

‘Meera’ original illustration

Watercolor on 185gsm Arches paper

‘ Lady Louisa and Her Hen ‘ Original Illustration

Watercolor on 185gsm Arches Paper

‘ Lady Louise Van Goosepumpkin ‘

Watercolor on 300gsm Cold Press Arches Paper

‘ Lady Rowena Von Birdy ‘ —

Watercolor on 185gsm cold press Arches paper

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‘ Tribute To Rosie ‘ Original Illustration

Watercolor on 300gsm cold press Arches paper

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‘ Blowing Galaxy Into The Darkness ‘ Original Illustration  —

Watercolor, Pencil and Black Ink on 300 Canson XL watercolor paper

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“ Say Hello To My Pet Leopard. “

Watercolor on 220gsm A2 Canson Montvall Watercolor Paper

“ My Life In Bali. “ —

Watercolor and Gold Leaf on 300gsm A2 Canson Montvall paper

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“ Rebel Regal. “

Watercolor on 200gsm A4 watercolor paper

‘ Girl With Gold Earring ‘ —

Print on 300gsm watercolor paper with added gold leaf

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‘ Halo Girl ‘ —

Print on 300gsm watercolor paper with added gold leaf

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Perfectly Imperfect Series: Shapes & Lines

Drawing Pen and Stained Sharpie Marker

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