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Home And Yonder


Music videos for Jeudi,
the Vintage-Voiced Chanteuse.
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Get Out, Get Under The Moon


It’s Winter Again

I’ll Walk Alone (Christmas version)


Home And Yonder

We’re “Home And Yonder”, a lifestyle, art, vintage culture, food & travel based multimedia group. Our company started in 2012, but has its roots in the founding of our family 26 years ago.

As a family of creative & deep thinkers with varied expertise, we’re a curious bunch who love to learn, explore, and share our daily life and wondrous adventures. We’re all about expanding horizons and sharing insights. Home is central, but so is the community we create with people and places near and far. We’re wanderlusty, enjoying fresh experiences and new cultures. We’re also nostalgic and find comfort and guidance in the lessons and history of the past. To that point, we’re family archivists and documentarians and time travelers, who love to dress for an occasion and frequent the vintage scene, mining it for the nuggets, while keeping a contemporary progressive mindset.

Our training is in the visual and performing arts and sciences. We’ve been blessed to have had rich and varied experiences, that have made the world seem closer, kinder and full of friends. Collectively we’ve worked professionally in the music, theatre, film, fashion, beauty, photography, literary, education and food hospitality industries! We’ve studied and lived abroad in France and Germany. We’ve worked in National and State Parks. We’ve also worked in major cities such as New York, London, Paris, Minneapolis, San Diego and Los Angeles. It’s been a good ride, but not always smooth.

We’re resilient. As a family, we’ve navigated through IVF; having premie twins; and finding answers and therapies that allowed our sons to overcome early struggles with Asperger’s and succeed in becoming their best selves. In the last 18 months we’ve survived 8 deaths in the family, job downsizing, and a recovery from breast cancer amidst the covid pandemic. Despite these challenges,we’ve never lost our faith or faltered in our optimism. We have wit and stoicism, in good measure, and a corgi comfort companion, to make it all better.

We’re Californians. We live in a place where people believe in reinvention, ingenuity, imagination and creative possibilities. Now is a good time to own this mindset and to reconnect with our past histories as we embark on a new future together.

As we head further into the year and the decade, we are owning this California mindset and rethinking and re-envisioning our future. That means refocusing our brand to reflect where we are now and where we’d like to be in the next 10 years. It’s exciting.

Follow the journey as our vision grows in fresh new ways to transport, engage and inspire you.



“Reminiscent of the Great Chanteuses of the Past, Right Here in the Present!”

I’m Jeudi, a “vintage-voiced chanteuse,” who sings salvaged sweet jazz, sourced from a time when the dance floor was the ultimate social platform, and the prospect of romance was just a Fox Trot, Charleston, or Lindy Hop away.

I love the vintage scene because it allows me to dress the part and feel like a time-traveler. As a performer of vintage music, I like to take people on a similar journey. - - As you’re listening, I hope you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the past - - maybe it’s a swank Supper Club in Manhattan, an intimate Parisian Cabaret, an elegant London ballroom, or to Hollywood’s Golden Age - - Or maybe you’ll just drift on the music, back to your own memories.

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