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WHAT IS THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT? WHAT ARE LIGHT CODES? ✨💙 The language of light is channeled into a multidimensional language that bypasses the conscious mind. It is ancient and bright. It can be spoken by voice or hands, sung and written. At a very basic level, the light language is encoded by energy signatures. These frequencies have many profound benefits in our energy bodies. Activating the light language activates your inactive DNA. This has long been deactivated in humanity. The language of light operates on a quantum level that your heart and soul understand. You will feel it resonate in your Soul when you watch the Language of Light. It gives you exactly what you need for Ascension. Your Higher Self knows that.
A few other benefits: It can remove blockages in your energy body, bring it into balance and expand the chakras. It helps with emotional, mental and physical healing. It raises your consciousness by bringing more light into your body. It helps in accessing your innate wisdom and past lives and more. You all have light codes stored in your DNA that turn on automatically during your ascension path.

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Light Language

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