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Hi! My name is Lauren, I love making jewellery and selling other little bits and bobs. Jewellery making has started a big hobby in my life, it went from a lot of struggles and breakdowns…to love, and joy of it all.

My top picks

My top recommendations!

Soooo, I absolutely love making earrings as they are so easy, cute, simple and so stylish! You can make so many different designs! But I have got to say, bracelets are fun to! You would probably think the number one product I would go for would be making bracelets…but actually its earrings! Whilst making bracelets there’s always something that goes wrong! And don’t get me wrong it’s the same with earrings too…But say if your making a bracelet for someone…and then suddenly you turn around to talk to someone, or your picking it up to check the size, Andddd then suddenly, the whole bracelet just falls apart! Yep. That’s annoying. But everything I sell I totally recommend.


There are so many different designs with this one! I absolutely love the bead earrings as there are just so many designs and shapes to choose from!

Earrings & bracelet pack!

This set is so adorable! It’s amazing for school or any special occasion. So…what does this pack include? This pack will include custom earrings (handmade) and a custom bracelet (handmade) only for £6!!

Bead packs!

This one is new to my small business! For this item…you will get to choose a whole load of beads (or even just a random mix) and fill up the size of your bag you have chosen. It will be full to the top (depending on the stock) and maybe even a bit more for extra surprise!

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HoneyBeads&More 🐝

My products for sale!

Have a look at my stock this week! If any of them has an ‘out of stock’ or, ‘limited stock’ or ‘sold’, then please respect these labels. If SOLD shows up, this is indicating that the product shown is a 1 time sale. However, if it’s saying out of stock, this just means that a restock of that item will come soon. Lastly, if a product states limited stock, this means please be aware if I have to notify you of an unavailable item.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not taking any customised orders at the moment because of my schedule and time :)

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Small silver and pink dangle earrings!

Beautiful silver and pink bead earrings! Perfect for everyday outfits or a night out! These are handmade and CANNOT be customised :)

Price- £3.00

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Pick and mix bead bag!

🔴LOW STOCK🔴 These bead bags are brilliant for people who are just beginning to start jewellery making, or any type if craft that includes beads! We have many different types of beads to choose from which will be shown to you when you contact us!

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Price- £3.50

Blue earring and bracelet pack!

🔴TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK🔴 This product is unavailable right now! We will keep you updated! :)

Price- £6 (small dangle earrings)
£7(Large dangle earrings)

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Rainbow large dangle bead earrings!

These aren’t my personal favourite but perfect for a snazzy outfit or a night out!

Price- £2.00

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Rose quartz flower earrings!


Beautiful rose quartz flower earrings!

Price- £2.50

Pink bead bracelet (not yet tied) 💖

1 in stock! Pink bead bracelet! 💖

Price- £3.00

Pack of beads! 💖

Beautiful pack of beads for sale!

Price- £2.50

Pack of beads! ❤️‍🔥

Lots of different beads! Lovely pack!

Price- £2.50

Turquoise healing crystal earrings!

Beautiful turquoise crystal chips with flower beads for soacers!

Price- £2.50

Green aventurine healing crystals earrings!

I love these earrings so much! They are like the rose quartz and turquoise earrings! The earrings have green aventurine crystal chips and flower beads for spacers!

Price- £2.50

Coming soon!

Healing Crystals! 🥰

External link

New item!

Wire wrapped healing crystal rings! (Handmade)

Our beads!

Have a look through all of our beads that are available! These can be included in the pick and mix bags :)

Please note: Some of these products may be out of stock or low stock. If so. Please respect these labels! 🐝

Black marble beads!

🔴LOW STOCK🔴 these are beautiful! Perfect for rings or bracelets!

Price- £1 for 10

Pink and black sparkle beads!

These are very snazzy and amazing on earrings or even bracelets!

Price- £1.00 for 10

Red illusion Beads!


These are absolutely beautiful beads! One of my personal faves!

Price- £1.00 for 5

Shiny silver beads!

These are great for earrings! Very shiny!

Price- £1.00 for 10

Gold disco ball beads!


Love these. So simple but amazing on bracelets!

Price- £1.00 for 10

Black disco ball beads!


These are amazing for bracelets! I actually have one my self with these beads on!

Price- £1.00 for 10

Silver tyre beads!

These are great little charms to put in bracelets! 🐝

Price- £1.00 for 10

Large silver flower beads!

I haven’t used many of these beads as they aren’t very popular! But amazing on any product!

Price- £1.00 for 10

Mix beads!

I love these! Perfect for bead pick and mix bags! :)

Price- £1.00 for 10

Silver detailed beads!

These are amazing for earrings! They make lovely little spacers!

Price- £1.00 for 10

Holographic disco ball beads!


These aren’t very popular but I love them! There so snazzy!

Price- £1.00 for 10

Blue small,medium,large beads!

These are really nice! They are a mix of small, medium and large blue beads!

Price- £1.50 for 10
Or £1.00 for 5

Cream marble beads!


I love these! They are really nice for making rings and earrings! 🥰

Price- £1.00 for 10

Small gold square beads!


I love these so much! They’re fantastic spacers on earrings and bracelets :)

Price- £1.00 for 10

Flat circle clear beads!


These are great for earrings! (Large)

Price- £1.00 for 10

Tiny pink disco ball spacers!

I absolutely adore these! They are one of my faves! Brilliant for bracelets and earrings!

Price- £1.20 for 20

Brown marble beads!

These are great for earrings and rings! 💖

Price- £1.50 for 10

Silver square beads!


Lovely spacers for bracelets or earrings! Match with anything :)

Price- £1.00 for 10

Shiny gold beads!


Lovely beads for earrings! I have used these a couple times before!

Price- £1.00 for 10

Silver tiny disc spacers

If you haven’t noticed already…I use these ALL the time on my products! They are my absolute fave! These are amazing spacers that literally go with anything!

Price- £1.25 for 20

Green bead mix!


These are amazing for earrings! They go so well!

Price- £1.20 for 10

Pearl bead mix!

These are so beautiful! And wonderful for any sort of jewellery making!

Price- £2.00 for 10

Pastel pink disco ball beads!

I love these so much! Wonderful for any sort of jewellery making!

Price- £1.00 for 10

Silver detail shaped beads!


I love these! Amazing for earrings!

Price- £1.00 for 10

Crystal beads!


Please note: NOT REAL crystals 💖

Price- £1.50 for 10

Large gold discs!

I love these! Amazing on dangle earrings!

Price- £1.20 for 5

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