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Hello Everyone!

As most of you know me as Honeycocobear, my real name is Lauren. I currently reside in Melbourne, Australia where I’ve been living since 2013 and graduated from high school. I’m a proud brown Samoan girl born and raised in New Zealand where I’ve spent majority of my childhood.

I’ve decided to take a leap of faith testing my capabilities by being completely out of my comfort zone, taking upon my new journey with Monat to promote everyday health and wellness regimens with their miraculous hair and skin care line and essentials.

Although I’ve decided to spread my wings by looking into a different industry, choosing Monat has not only helped me achieve passing my fears to be outspoken, but by boosting my self confidence within different aspects of health to ultimately help others who are in need.

Monat also has a wide range of products where you will be able to have a free consultation to find the specific skin and hair products designed to cater to your needs.

Skin and hair care has definitely been something I have always personally valued and feel as if everyone should too. Seeing the life changing transformations and results Monat has made not only through their hair and skin care line but also within the business side of things, giving me the courage to want this healthy change for myself.

Quote: “Dress how you feel and love what you wear because at the end of the day you have got to wear and feel great in it” - Kelly Osbourne.

By going off Kelly Osbourne’s great quote, I think it is crucial for everyone to be happy and comfortable in their own NATURAL hair and skin! I truly believe giving Monat a chance today will only help you achieve your dream hair, skin, and lifestyle quicker.

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Why Monat?

The Science Of Wellness

Science Behind Safe Testing Monat's Product Ingredients

Monat Skin Care

Welcome to the #HealthySkinRevolution! Looking to find the right food for your skin? Checkout our recipes below.

This skincare offers a complete solution for radiantly beautiful skin that inspires confidence at any age.
If this company is new to you, we have an insanely talented medical board consisting of dermatologist, a trichologist, an MD who focuses on total body anti-aging and an ophthalmic surgeon.

Searching globally for the world’s most effective natural ingredients and continuing its proven groundbreaking application of science and technology, our team of researchers and scientists developed four key advanced skin technologies as the basis for skincare.

Clinical results:
96% Saw an increase of radiance
80% Saw brighter skin
96% Saw tighter skin

Skin Consultation

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Science Behind Monat Skin Care

Are you wanting to know more about our skin products? This link will guide you to learn the amazing ingredients our scientists have put into our Monat skin care products all to benefit your skin! You can also find our skin care glossary that provides you with a well structured list of key components that will help you see results in your skin.

Hydration VS Moisturising

It is important to understand your skin. This video will guide you on learning the difference between the two to assist you with finding what products are essential for your skin.

Be Balanced Skin Care

A quick tutorial for our be balanced skincare routine suitable for both normal and combination skin

Be Gentle Skin Care

Here’s another easy quick tutorial for our Be Gentle skin care bundle. Suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

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