Launching Bodega Merchandise

Bodega Dreams

Founder|CEO:Angelica Flores

About the Bodega

I remember being a kid and walking through the streets. Dollar stores adorning every other corner. I remember running out of those ugly green public school doors into my moms arms. I would then beg to be taken to the icee man. This is where I grew up. The Bronx, New York.
The Bodega is a brand from the heart. I was born in the Bronx. I am Puerto Rican and Domincan, a mix with a history of beautiful people. My NYC childhood inspired this brand. NYC aesthetic is world renowned.

I remember my bodegas as Willy Wonka factories. Everything and anything you need is at the bodega. I come from broken window theories, public schools and failed institutions. I come from food deserts. This is the beautiful and deadly NYC jungle. And in these cities bodegas act as life lines in areas polluted with food deserts. NYC is more than just broken window theories. It is a cornucopia of creativity. Of great creative force. I offer sound therapy as well as holistic candles. I also make NYC specific styled clothing for all my NYC kids out there!
So I decided to get into holistic medicine because of this. I also discovered that a holistic lifestyle and sound therapy were purposely not made accessible for people of a lower economic margin. People of color are denied resources for a reason. And because of this I merged my holistic brand as well as my clothing brand, and The Bodega, La Bodega, was born.

My brand, The Bodega is for the community. The green on the avenue blocks is recognized, the flavor, the spice, the dialects NYC is recognized around the world. The Bronx is a melting pot, a sancocho stew of different cultures, posted up in New York City Boroughs. The Bodega acts as a beloved cherished staple of NYC and that is my brand. Inner cities are nebulas. They harvest stars. They create shooting stars and this nyc is magic. I specialize in sound therapy and merchandise wed with activism and cultural nostalgia.

The Bodega aims to improve the therapeutic resources the ancestors of those before aren't foreign too. This bodega is revolutionary. A holistic and a proud bodega lifestyle is my
revolution. As my grandfather said “Pa Lante!”

The Bodega Merchandise