An open letter to Kim Jungwoo

bout fucking time am i right

hi :) i bet you were wondering how long it’d take for me to actually do this considering how slow i am. and i don’t just mean slow. i mean super fucking no reason to be this slow slow. but alas, the time has come for me to simp for you uninterrupted and tell you how much you mean to me.

you, kim jungwoo, came into my life unexpectedly. i didn’t expect much at the beginning of our conversation to be honest. i thought we’d be like most people and talk for a few messages before letting it die slowly but no, i just had this unending urge to talk to you, to know more about you. i was drawn to you because you’re such a light soul with a vibe that is impenetrable. i think there’s something in you that makes people flock towards you and i admire that about you. you’re probably gonna disagree (because you love doing that with me) but i mean it. there is something about you that can only be described as everything right in the world. you have your flaws, like everyone i know but that only adds to what makes you amazing. this is gay.

bs for bf

You’re a doll

and you look like one too

you’re not gonna like this but i hold myself back from telling you things sometimes because i feel like i’m going to annoy you. DON’t YELL AT ME I KNOW I SHOULDN’t but i can’t help it 🥺 you’re just too precious to me and i don’t wanna lose you over something stupid like running my big fat mouth about things that don’t matter but i’m calling you my best friend which means i can tell you whatever whenever and history has proven that you take it so well. you’ve never called me annoying and i don’t think you ever will (because you’re in love with me obviously) so i’ll stop doing this. i just 🥺 if you leave me i will d word. okay.

i can’t get over how quick we got on. it could be because we’re so similar but i think it’s mostly because you’re an open person who doesn’t seems to be afraid of much (at least not when it comes to people). i love it when i can speak to someone like we’ve been friends for years but it’s so different with you, i feel like you know me so well, more than i know myself maybe. i feared i’d get too far ahead with calling you my best friend because i’ve done this before and it wasn’t true but i don’t see me regretting anything when it comes to you.

bs pt2 for bff

My promise to you

kick my ass if i break it

so gay but i promise to love you for as long as you’ll let me 😤 you mean the absolute world to me and i want to do everything in my power to make sure you’re happy and when you’re not happy, i promise to be there for you to cheer you up or just be a quiet shoulder for you to lean on. i love your forwardness, i love how big you are for no fucking reason, i love how supportive you are, i love how you always want to know more, i love how bold you are, i love how you you are. i just love you and i can’t wait to learn more about you as time passes and i can’t wait to just prove to you how much i love and adore you. i don’t know how because i’m lazy but this should cover it for a bit :) ♡