About Shop

Hooniearte provides unofficial merchandise for some k-dramas, kpop groups and Jonaxx's characters. The designs are based on artist's perceptions and creativity and are all fanarts only. The shop is by no means affiliated to any of the personality depicted in the art.

Hooniearte is Philippines-based start-up business that aims to grow bigger as time progresses. As a policy of the shop, the orders are made by batch, and in every succeeding batch, new designs will also be released. You might request for your favorite Jonaxx character, K-drama or K-pop group and who knows, you might see them in the next designs to come. Pins and stickers are are not the end but just the start for Hooniearte, please look forward to the new designs and merchandises in the future.

The shop's name, Hooniearte has some interesting story as to how it was formed. Hoonie, is inspired by the name of Enhypen's Park Sunghoon of whom is the artist's ultimate bias. His story, as to how he strived to reach his dream of becoming an idol, albeit straying from the path he thought was meant for him all along, and despite all the uncertainties that lies ahead with such choice, he bravely faced them all. This inspired the artist to begin walking the path she wants to choose for herself, regardless of what other people has to say.