Hope Douds

Music/ Singer-Songwriter

Hope is an American singer/songwriter from Dacula, Ga. She has been writing music since she was a little girl and made her first original song debut at the age of 16 at Mill Creek High School in Hoschton, Ga. She participated in church choir and sang all through adolescence, and it clung tight into adulthood. Growing up, she continued to pursue music through school choirs, competitions, honor and Allstate choirs, show choir, worship leading, musical theatre, and even teaching vocal/instrumental lessons. She attended the University of North Georgia, where she continued to refine her craft by studying vocal performance. Her passion for songwriting is deeply rooted in her love to journal and write poetry.

“I truly believe music is for everyone no matter what level of interest. It has been a true gift that keeps on giving. Whether to express myself and use my voice, or to network and create friendships, there has always been some aspect to bond with others while revealing our stories and walks of life. It’s a beautiful, intricate, simple, and joyful passion.” -H. Douds

You can follow Hope’s journey here as she welcomes you to her side of this community. Here you will be able to find the latest endeavors on the artist and as always, your support is highly appreciated.


So why country music???

I think my writing style naturally gravitates towards telling stories. Country music allows me to say what I want to say in my most authentic and honest way. Whether I’m spilling my vices, or airing out my “dirty laundry” this genre just has that extra spin that makes you feel like your favorite artists are telling you all their secrets. It really is an open diary, and I like that I can embrace my southern roots and celebrate who I am, alongside others just like me in this genre.

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Producers/ Managment Information

Prospects welcome!

Hope is an independent artist based in Atlanta, Ga. She is currently not signed or affiliated with a record label. For any inquiries, you may email hopedouds@yahoo.com to request original demos, or to arrange a meeting. We thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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